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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 355

We are getting closer to Christmas and I don't feel ready, but at the same time, I don't know what I need to be ready for. It's not like I have a family to put Christmas on for. I have just been watching a crap load of stupid cheesy Christmas movies on Netflix. I barely even decorated for Christmas this year... mostly just have the tree up and one nativity. My Christmas tree is my favorite though.. so that is ok. Sure, I have a few gifts to give out and a few that I need to still buy and wrap, but I still don't feel like "I need to be ready" for Christmas.

I already blogged about my birthday. Nothing really happened over the weekend except for Kyle taking me out for sushi for my birthday and then I helped him babysit for a friend. Ha ha... I know, pretty exciting birthday. At least I wasn't a lone. And of course my family party which I also already blogged about.

Monday it was back to the grind. Work, gym... and then back to work. Yeah, it's not quarter end, that used to be the only time that I would have to stay late, but we are getting closer to month end and they were feeling behind, so we stayed late.

Tuesday I went to work and then the gym to work out with Josh and then after the gym I met up with a few of my co-workers in Orem to drive up to Jordan Commons to go see La La Land. That was my idea because I really wanted to see it... and since it was $5 Tuesday, everyone was game. We had to drive to Sandy because it is only in select theaters right now. I'm SO glad we saw it. I LOVED it. I'm a sucker for musicals anyway... but it had an old musical feel with a modern take. So good. My boss didn't love it as much as I did... guess you can't win them all.

Wednesday was another work, gym work day. I have to say it makes for a long day when you are at work sitting at your computer from 8:30am- 11:30pm. Sure I took a break to go to the gym but still. It does mean a little bit of a bigger paycheck for me though. :)

Oh, after work on Wednesday... yes... almost midnight... I headed over to Stacey's house because he had a soup party earlier that night and invited me and when I told him I had to work late, he told me to come over after... didn't matter how late... and he had saved me some soup that he had made. So I did. His soup tasted great and we chatted for an hour and then I went home and went to bed.

That brings us to today! Today was a great day because the company closed half day which was SO nice. Sure... I didn't really get to leave right at noon, but even an hour later is still great. They also gave us free pizza that day too. So I got to go home and relax. Never mad about that.

Later tonight Stacey and I went with one of his roommates and his girlfriend and we went Latin dancing. It was fun because I feel like Stacey and I were at the same dance level when it came to Latin dancing. Whenever a Latin guy would ask me to dance... I always felt like an idiot because Latin dancing doesn't come naturally to me. I can shake my hips, but I feel like they shake them differently. ha ha. Stacey and I had a blast dancing though. After we got burnt out of the same moves, we decided to take off and then Stacey took me to his favorite taco place to treat me to some tacos.

Such a fun night. I am so glad that Stacey is around for Christmas because I have him to hang out with over the break! Our second Christmas hanging out together. ha ha.

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Lori said...

I'm glad that Stacey is such a good friend to you, Tracy :) Always nice to have a couple GOOD friends :)