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Friday, December 16, 2016

Work Christmas Party

We had our work Christmas party during lunch at Brick Oven. We are all a little bit crazy when we are all together... especially because we had our white elephant gift exchange as well... so we were pretty loud. We apologized to the tables around us. Ha! We had fun though.

We ate way too much and then they brought out a slice of cake for the December birthday's (which all 3 of us are a day after the other - Sarah then Me then Cassie) and then Katy also made the most delicious ice cream cake for our birthday's as well. Sooooo... it was pretty hard to go back to work after because we all had major food coma.

It was nice that we all got to go out and celebrate though and enjoy each other's company. They are very different from my old team, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. I have really come to enjoy my new team. I miss my old team, but this team wasn't a bad replacement.

The lighting in Brick Over when terrible, so none of the pictures are very good... but here are a few pictures from our party. I suggested everyone wear ugly sweaters... only a few of us did (Jason's was just his normal sweater but he told him he could join anyway) but who cares. I was very excited for our sweaters.

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