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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Spontaneous Trip to Cancun, Mexico

So Jaylene and I had only hung out twice, but she is one of those people that you become instant friends with and feel like you have been friends for forever. When we were hanging out for the second time in October, she was telling me that she had some time off of work after Christmas and wanted to do something fun, but didn't want to break the bank. So we made  plans to take a road trip through Southern Utah since she hadn't seen a lot of Utah's main sites and we would sleep in my car and this and that. Well, after I got back from the Middle East and we were a week or so into December, she told me we could still do the road trip... OR ... she had some friends that were going to Cancun and the tickets were super cheap out of Vegas. She said she was fine doing either one and it was up to me which one I wanted to do. Although I didn't know any of her friends... my thoughts were... I have never been to Cancun and I could cross off another Wonder of the World and go to Chichen Itza AND most importantly, Cancun is warmer than Utah right now. So I said... let's go to Cancun!

So yesterday Jaylene and I drove down to Vegas and hung out with a friend of her's and went shooting and had fun and then went to the airport to catch our flight right before midnight. Yeah... it was cheap because not only was it out of Vegas, but it was crappy times. Vegas to Miami then Miami to Cancun... but our layover in Miami was 6 hours. It's fine, it was all worth it once we got to warm Mexico.

The Spontaneous trip was worth it to go from this...

To this...

This first day Jaylene and I have been here, we have just been hanging out at the beach because the rest of the group comes tonight. We have just been relaxing and enjoying the sunshine and eating tacos. I'm not mad. :)

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