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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 352

AND I'm back! What a trip. Felt like I was gone for a long time but went by in a flash. The journey home was LOOOOOOOOOONG....

First it was getting to the airport in Amman taking a 2 hour bus ride from Aqaba. We got there early... but I had to wait in line to check in and check my stuff.... and nobody was at the desks yet for my airline. So I waited by myself while Deb found somewhere in the airport to sit since her flight left 2 hours after mine. After I was finally checked in I went and found Deb who had found our friend from India that we met in Dana! We knew we would run into her. So we all sat together and talked about how to rest of our trip went since we last saw each other. Then I sadly had to say goodbye to Deb because I had to go through security and my flight was going to be boarding in a half hour. So I said my goodbyes and I left her and started my very long solo journey home. Boarded my plane and had a 4 hour flight to Germany. a 3 hour layover in Germany and then a ten hour flight to LA on a double decker plane. That thing is huge and gives me total anxiety to be on a plane that big so high up in the sky. It just doesn't seem right to have 600 people in an aircraft in the sky. Ha ha... this plane went much smoother than my last double decker plane I was on, so that helped me not think about it so much. That and watching movies and sleeping. Then I landed in LA. So close to home but yet still so far. My layover in LA was 6 or 7 hours. It was pretty much the longest 6 or 7 hours of my life. I was already so tired and had already been traveling for so long and I was so bored and there wasn't really anything to do... I wish I knew someone that lived close that could have come and get me, but I didn't. My time clock was all off so I fell asleep while waiting for my flight and almost missed boarding it. Close call. Then in an hour and a half I was finally back in Salt Lake and my mom was there to pick me up and then 40 minute drive later I was home... FINALLY. It seemed like forever to get home.

The two things I am always most excited to come home to is showering in my own shower and sleeping in my bed. It's all worth it though. Even the unpleasant parts of traveling... the rest of traveling makes up for the crappy parts. It's just part of what you sign up for when you travel. It's just a little bit more painful when I am by myself. When I am traveling with a friend at least I have someone to hang out with and talk to. You know?

This was the first trip though that I came back and thought... you know, maybe I would want to try traveling solo. Israel especially would have been a great place to travel solo. So many other people were traveling solo and were you constantly meeting people and hanging out with other people. It would have been so easy to just sign up for tours and stay in hostels and meet people you met from those two things a lone. I may consider it in the future... we shall see. Everything else, I did basically travel solo... the worst parts of it I did.

It's good to be back, but I am still super sick and I just so badly want to get better. I feel like I have been sick forever because I got sick half way through my trip. Hopefully now that I am home it will be easier to recover because I will be taking it easy and sleeping in my own bed and able to rest... but at this point, I think I am just letting this thing run it's course. I don't think there is anything that I could take to make it go away at this point. Let's just hope it happens soon. For real.

Coming back to work after being gone for 2 weeks with nobody officially covering me was interesting. Everyone survived, so that was good, but I knew I would be coming back to a mess to clean up and... I did. It was expected and I actually got it all cleaned up and caught up in only a couple of days, so I am going to call that a success! Plus, not I have someone to help me. Today Candice started and I will be training her for a while... but I am so happy to have someone to help me. I think she is great to be really great too. I think she will catch on fast and be a really good fit for the team and with me, which will be so nice.

I only have one more post before I am done blogging about my trip, so other than that, I am just taking it easy so that I can get better. I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired. I took another week off of the gym too because of that, so I am a little afraid to go back to the gym after not working out for 3 weeks. Yikes! We will see what happens when I go back on Monday.

That's all folks!

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