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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 356

Starting where I left off last week...

Friday I had off of work, which was awesome. Not mad about that. So Stacey and I hung out all day. It started with a work out at the gym in the morning. Stacey was my personal trainer for the day and it was a good workout. I was sore the next day. We were at the gym for 2 hours. ha ha. We ended with interval running... which I decided is now my new favorite way to get cardio. I will have to keep that up.

After the gym, we went home to change and freshen up and then we were off to the movie theater to see Passengers. I liked it a lot. I had been excited to see it because I really like both Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence.

After the movie we went home and I changed into my new onsie pjs that I just bought the day or two before and went over to Stacey's and we binge watched the Netflix Original Series "The OA". It was strange, but we both liked it. We of course had to take the occasional break since it was over 8 hours of this show and we started in the late afternoon. There were food breaks and of course a dance break which I already posted the video of. It was so fun to kick back and relax all day. The exact thing that Stacey and I wanted to do. And we didn't have to feel bad about it because we got a good work out in first and went dancing the night before.

Next day was Christmas Eve. Since I got home from Stacey's at around 4am... I slept in. I ran some errands and bought a last few presents and made some deliveries and then I decided to drive to Temple Square to see the lights. As is tradition, I stopped at the cheesecake factory on my way home to get their seasonal peppermint cheesecake. I don't know why I started getting that after seeing the lights at temple square... but I am all about tradition. ha ha. I think this is my 3rd year doing that. Then I drove home. I went to fill up on gas and ran into my neighbor Josh you had just gotten home from his cruise that day and was excited to tell me all about it, so we sat and ate at the McDonalds together while he told me all about his cruise. Then it was back to Stacey's... way later than I planned, but thankfully I hadn't missed anything. We were going to have a paint night and I for sure thought they were going to have started painting a long time before I got there, but they had just barely started when I got there. So I joined in on the fun. We painted for a few hours (which I also already blogged about) and then after we watched a movie. We kind of all fell asleep during the movie since it was so late. Stacey wanted me to stay since it was 4:30am and all his other friends were staying and sleeping over. It was tempting, but it just seems so silly when I live down the street and I can sleep in my own bed. Plus one of the guys was a loud snorer... and that is miserable for me. So I decided to go, however I looked outside and everything was COMPLETELY covered in snow... including my car. I guess in the hours that I was over there it started snowing... and it REALLY came down. I guess everyone that was praying for a White Christmas would be happy. Stacey was a gentleman and came outside at 4:30am to scrape all of the snow off of my car and give me a hug goodbye.

Sunday was Christmas. I watched some Christmas movies while I wrapped presents before heading over to my parents house. I guess they were all waiting for me. So we opened presents and then we had dinner. It was nice to spend time with the family... even though we are together every Sunday. I got a few presents. Including a scarf that Sierra knitted for me. How cute is that? She learned how to knit and was busy making everyone something. Another nice letter from Reanne. Some nice gifts from my parents. It was a nice day.

The next morning around noon, Jaylene came to my house and my backpack was all packed and we drove to Vegas. We got to Vegas around 5 but didn't need to be to the airport until 10 or so. Jaylene has a friend who was home with her parents for Christmas break, so we hung out with her and her family. They treated us to dinner and took us to their indoor shooting range. It was actually unlike anything I had ever done before... because it was inside a room with a screen. You project the targets or game up on the screen and then shoot it with either a laser gun for practice or a real gun. In the back there is a vent that sucks the bullets up. It was so cool. I guess there are not many of these types of shooting ranges in the US. Or anywhere for that matter. So at first we practiced on targets and then we went to shooting zombies in a game, but with real guns. Pretty awesome. After we had fun with that... Jay left her car at their house and they took us to the airport and we were on our way to Cancun.

It was a long journey... we took a red eye to Miami from Vegas and had 6 hours to kill in Vegas... but we were pretty dead, so we slept a lot on the floor. Ha ha... Sadly that life is nothing new to me. I wonder how many hours I have spent in airports. I think a lot. I mean... I have slept in airports more than anyone should. Anyway... we finally got to Cancun around 5pm the next day and the temperature was heaven. We took a bus to the main part of the city and then took a taxi to our hostel that we would be staying at until the rest of the gang (that I didn't know) got there.

We hung out at the beach all day yesterday which I am not complaining about. It was so nice to just chill in the sun. Most of the rest of the group got there last night. We went out to eat and then got set up at the Air b&b and then we went out to go to the carnival and find some churros. I feel like I got to know the group pretty quickly and they were all pretty cool.

Today we took a boat out to Isla Mujeres. Another beach day... just at another beach. I will be blogging about that next. So happy to be in warm weather for a week! Great week!

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