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Monday, December 5, 2016

Sierra's Birthday Soda

Took Sierra out for her birthday. I told her she could choose where we went and it didn't have to be Sodalicious this year. However, she still wanted Sodalicious. That's my girl! I don't remember what drink she got, but I remember liking it.

I don't get the chance to talk to any of my nieces and nephews one on one anymore because they all just play together when we have family dinner. So it was fun to chat with Sierra about school and dance and how her birthday went and what she is into these days. It amazes me how grown up she is getting and how many things she likes and does reminds me of... me. ha ha. She is the sweetest and such a cutie and I love her a lot and was really happy I was able to take her out for her birthday. The new Sodalicious location in Springville is now open, so we went to that one. I think during the summer is will be really nice with all the seating and the lights. I'm a sucker for party lighting. Anyway... Sierra and I had a blast. Love you Sierra!

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