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Sunday, December 11, 2016

MoTab Christmas Concert

My friend Desiree is the sweetest. We have been friends for a while now. I think it has been been at least 8 or 9 years now. Crazy. I'm so glad we have kept in touch all of these years because she truly has been such a great friend. So supportive. I can talk to her about anything. Cares about keeping in touch. Cares about everything that is going on with me. Easy going and fun to hang out with. She is awesome.

Ever since she has been in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, I always look out for her on tv during General Conference and I am so thrilled for her because I know how long it took for her to get in and how hard she worked and how much she loves it. I have never once asked her for tickets. I'm just not like that. This year, she reached out to me and asked me if I wanted some tickets to the Thursday night show. For anyone who doesn't know how tickets work for MoTab Christmas Concerts... you don't buy them, but you do have to reserve them as soon as they go online. I heard this year they were all reserved within hours. Therefore... I never go. Ha ha. It used to be a lottery drawing of who would go. I have only been 3 times now (including this one). All 3 times, the tickets were given to me. First in 2008 by my mom from someone in the Santa Barbara Stake who could no longer go. The second time (the last time I went) in 2010 when David Archuleta was the featured singer. I went with this guy Matt who had extra tickets because his mom was in the choir at the time. And then this year... because Desiree was kind enough to give me tickets. She asked me how many I wanted and I said 3. One for me and my mom (because I knew she would want to go) and I was going to take my sister, Kristy, but she couldn't go, so my Aunt Joanne came instead... which was also fun.

The drive there was a nightmare because people were also going to see the lights at Temple Square AND there was also a Jazz game that night. So we left at 5:30 thinking we would get there early so we could have dinner before the concert... but ended up getting there and sitting down RIGHT before the concert started. Needless to say, I had a little bit of road rage. However, Desiree putting our tickets in Stand by.... actually is what got us in faster and made it so we didn't miss any of the show because the stand by ticket line was very short and then they let us in from there instead of having to wait in the LONG lines outside. So thank goodness for that.

The show was great. I wasn't very familiar with the soloist. He was entertaining, but not my favorite singer. One of the songs in particular sounded so off. But I loved listing to the choir and the organ trio was amazing.

Oh.. and they had camels. Like... Lion King style costume Camels that walked up to the stage. I LOVED it... especially just coming back from the Middle East on my camel trek. It's like they did it just for me!

It was a beautiful concert. I loved it. MoTab never goes wrong. Always put on a great show. So thankful to Desiree for thinking of me and wanting to give me tickets. This is the second year she has offered them to me... the first year I couldn't go because I was singing at Disneyland that weekend. She could give those tickets to anyone, but I feel special that she thinks of me. Also so great to go with my mom and aunt. Also... funny out of all the thousands of people in the stands, my friend Becky and her boyfriend sat in the row right in front of me. Ha ha... so naturally we said hi and got a picture together as well. Such a great concert. Thank you MoTab! Thanks Desiree!

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