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Friday, August 20, 2010

Animals of Springville

Before FHE on Monday, Jeanna and I took a little trip to visit some animals in Springville. We were going to our Bishop's house in Springville for FHE anyway... so just a little detour. We ended up being late because we were having so much fun with the animals.

Here are just a few animals you can find in Springville...

Then there was our favorite, well, until he bit Jeanna. That was too bad. Besides that, we had fun. I have always had a love for animals.


Lynette Mills said...

You went!!! I was surprised at how fun it was to just watch them frolic around.

Kristy said...

I love our farm. I was just going to post about it too...I still am going to. Even though you beat me to it.

politicchic6 said...

Ha, this is a block away from us! We go there to feed them all the times. We have our own names for all the goats and the yaks (the baby yak is my favorite).