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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Weekend with Lolly

This weekend I decided to visit one of my best friends, Lolly. Since she only lives in Henderson, I try to go visit her a couple of times a year. I guess it was a good weekend to go because it ended up raining in Provo. So I got there Friday night and we just chatted until late... catching up. Saturday we got up had breakfast and then went shopping. While at Sephora they gave me a make over which was kind of fun. I have never had that done at a make up store before. Went shopping a few other places. Came home and had lunch and then foot baths. Then we got ready (dolled up) and went to Lake Las Vegas. Never been. It was really nice there. In fact there was a wedding going on. I took some family photo's for Lolly's family. Then her husband and kids went home and we stayed and met up with an old friend of mine, Erin. I actually had not seen her since I was in High School! So fun to see her! She and two other of her photographer friends had Lolly and I model for them and we did a fun photo shoot. When I get all the pictures, I will do a post about it. It was tons of fun. Then we grabbed a bite to eat and a red box movie. Something with the name Greta in the title that has Hilary Duff. It was WAY retarded. We were just laughing at it the whole time. The only good part about the whole movie was the line "That was the stupidest thing I have heard all day, and today's been down right retarded!". Ha ha. That line still makes me laugh. Then today we just went to church and I even checked out their singles ward. Then drove home. It was a really quick trip. So worth it though. Really fun to see Lolly. I wish I could hang out with her more, but we have not done too bad over the past 10 years.
Thank you Lolly for having me at your house and spending the weekend with me shopping and taking pictures. :o)
Thank you Ava (Lolly's 4 year old daughter) for setting up the princess tents in the room I was staying in so that we could play "emergency"and for being REALLY excited for me to get married someday. ha ha.

Here is one of the pictures I took of their cute family.

Here is Lolly & I and Ava & I AND Braxton eating his lunch right before I left.


THE LIZARD'S said...

thanks for coming tracy! you did all the driving and you are a great freind... and I had a good time too! that is so funny that part about ava being excited for you to get married! also, braxton's crazy messy face in the background! ha.

Kayleigh said...

Wow, you are SO tan! What's your secret?!

I've sworn off tanning beds - They are expensive and worse than the sun!

T-Ray said...

I have never gone to a tanning bed. I actually can't tan to save my life. My friend Lolly started her own spray tan business! So I thought I would see what it is like to be tan for a little while. I kind of like it... but I feel like it makes me look very different.

Lynette Mills said...

I wondered what was up with you Tracy! I thought it might have just been the lighting or the camera or something. Funny!

Bre said...

whoa, you look super tan!

jamie hixon said...

They are so cute.
I love that white framed mirror in the bak there.
I would have been sad to miss the rain. I love the rain.