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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 25

The weather has been total wack and a half! Major rain, and thunder and lightening storms. I love it. Last night, I was talking with some friends at my house and the power went off for a slight second, at the exact same time that it was dark inside the house, it was super bright outside with lightening. It was pretty much awesome. It has also made the temperature cool down a little bit which I will not complain about at all. Jogging when its 100 degrees outside is kind of the pits. The only thing that made me sad is with the storm came the wind, which snapped my first bloomed sunflower in half. I felt like I waited so long for it to bloom and then... ruined! Sad. Oh well... I have lots more to come.
Also, speaking of weather, I just love the perfect temperature nights! Everyone is out and about. I love coming home and seeing one or more of my BFF neighbor boys (Darrell, Dave, Shark & Stan) on their front porch sitting in the old man rocking chair. I always go chat and I love it. There is something so relaxing about chillin out on the porch at night with the lovely moon and stars out. Oh how I love the summer.

Yesterday we went to the movies for work. We went and saw Inception. Most of my co-workers had not seen it, I had.... but for once, I was actually really excited to see a movie in the theater again. I liked it just as much the second time as I did the first time. It is so well done. Has you thinking about the movie long after it is over. I also love getting paid to go to the movies. I felt like it was well deserved since I was at work for quarter end until 1 in the morning on Friday. I just about went nuts.

Today I went to the dentist for a cleaning. You know what is awesome to hear when you go to the dentist? "You take really good care of your teeth". Why thank you! Those words = zero cavities which also = happiness! I also like going because since my insurance covers it, I don't have to worry about paying for it when I go AND I have free whitening for life as long as I go in every 6 months. They gave me a new whitening kit, so I will be interested to see how this one works. It is supposed to be better. I just love having white teeth!

Tuesday, Sara and I went to tutoring as usual. However, we couldn't do anything because the office (where all of the books and games are located) was locked. All Summer there have hardly been any kids coming. The day that the office is locked and we can't get to anything, tons of kids come. A lot that we have never even seen before. We had to try and come up with things to do to entertain them for an hour. Somehow dancing was brought up. It started off with Sara showing the kids her signature dance move (the running man) and then the kids started showing us what they could do. Some of them have some major dance talent. Then all the sudden it turned into a dance off. I can not tell you how funny this was to watch these 7-10 year olds have a dance off. I was laughing non stop for like 20 minuets. Their favorite dance was "The Jerk". I am pretty up on my hip hop, but I had never heard of this before, nor heard the song. They ALL knew it. I looked it up when I got home and realized why I didn't know it. It is really annoying. If you want to know what is "in" with the kids right now, watch here to see "The Jerk". I told the kids I would try and remember to bring some music and speakers next week so they can dance again. I think this might of been the funniest thing that I have seen at tutoring so far. It was pretty awesome.

On Sunday, I went to my friend Moroni's birthday party. I went super late and was one of the last people there. I didn't eat anything while I was there because I wasn't hungry, but I did notice something on the table. I saw little dixie cups that had been cut and made into little shot glass's. They were filled with koolaid. More powder than water. I asked what they were for. Moroni said it was for a competition. I didn't know what it was, but I volunteered myself for the competition. It is normally a drinking game, but somewhere in time, some Mormon made a Mormon version of the game. You fill your cup with a soda of your choice (I don't really drink soda, so this was already going to be hard for me). Then you get chop sticks and set them on top of the cup. You then balance your shot glass of koolaid on the chop sticks on top of the glass. You line the cups up (with whoever is competing) which there were 4 of us. 2 guys & 2 girls. You stand by the table then everyone together yells "SAKE BOMB" and then everyone slams their fists on the table on either side of their cups at the same time. The shot glass then falls into the soda and you chug it as fast as you can and whoever finishes first wins. Well, I certainly didn't win, but I wasn't last... and I didn't throw up, so I count it as a victory. Not going to lie, it kind of burned for a while.... but..... I will try almost anything once. I mean I have eaten a beetle for crying out loud.


rachel v. said...

I love that thunderstorm weather in Utah, it is one of my favorite things about the state :) and you are totally brave for playing that game!

jamie hixon said...

First of all, let's talk about how cool it is that you have a friend named Moroni. Well, actually I guess the conversation stops there.

I've seen the sake bomb thing done in the movies. I don't think I would do either version of that game.

Inception was a pretty cool movie... I love that Christopher Nolan.

<3 thunderstorms and dance offs.

jamie hixon said...

PS I'm totally jealous of your dental situation.

THE LIZARD'S said...

totally whack and a half? HA.. never heard that and ...
who is moroni??? never met anyone with that name either. funny. and this is coming from a girl with a brother named laman.

THE LIZARD'S said...

ps. your teeth. I hate you.

Des said...

I loved Inception too.

Check out my movie review about it on my movie review blog: