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Sunday, August 1, 2010


Last Sunday I told you about my awesome friends that picked me up from the airport from my awesome trip. Well, that trip was Denver! It was great to create some new and better memories of Colorado. There were 3 different camera's on this trip. Turns out that all the group shots were not taken with my camera. I am still waiting to get pictures from the other people on the trip, so sorry for the lack of people in these pictures. Maybe one day I will get them and then do another blog post of Denver pictures with people in them (hopefully soon). Until then, here is my photo travel-log of my weekend Denver trip! Get ready for a picture OVERLOAD!!! :o)


We spent 8 hours in the car traveling from Utah to Colorado. It is a beautiful drive! We had fun chatting and singing to our music.

We then checked into our hotel. The Double Tree (which reminds me of High School Prom, because that is where our dance was held in Santa B).

We then went to downtown Denver, which is charming and beautiful.

Went on a Gondola ride. ALMOST felt like we were in Italy... except for the fact that we had a Gondola Guide from the Hood.

We then went and did some work in the Temple. It is a beautiful temple. I love the stain glass on the front.

After stopping for dinner at a cute Italian Cafe for dinner, where I got a free fruit drink because I told the lady how depressed I was that I was craving a smoothie and they couldn't serve me one because their blender was broken...... we then stopped by the fair. It was closed, but Whatever. We tried, so we still got to cross it off of our list of things to do in Denver.


We went to Red Rock Theater. Kind of like Tuachan. Beautiful setting for a theater, but more for concerts. They also have a museum of the history of the theater and has pictures and memorabilia of all the people who have performed there. We were thinking about going to that weekends performance until we found out it was a band called "String Cheese Incident". Also discovered that the stadium seating of the theater was the popular place to run & work out.

We then went to the Molly Brown Museum. The museum is in her lovely house in Denver. She is one of the people that survived the Titanic. They also wrote a musical about her "The Unsinkable Molly Brown". It was interesting to learn more about her life.

We then took a tour of the Hammond's Candy Factory. Some how I controlled myself and didn't buy any candy.

Next (I was really looking forward to this one) we went to the Dragon Boat Festival! It's a row boat competition. We got to eat Asian food AND Lorelie, Maria and I all bought pretty parasol's.

We then met up with a guy that we had met the weekend before (cousin of our friends Rob & Chris) and went to see "Inception" which = awesome movie.


We went to church. Made me appreciate my ward more. Then we had a picnic at the Garden of the Gods

We visited a city that reminded me lots of Park City except this one had a castle, that has "tea time" (If only we would have known before I totally would have wanted to schedule that in).

Then we visited the Air Force Base.

Then I was taken to the airport. It was a quick trip... but it is amazing how much you can pack into a few days if you plan it well. Thanks girls for inviting me and providing a good time. I had a blast!


politicchic6 said...

You went to Denver and did not hit up Casa Bonita? I am shocked. It is only the single bizzarest place known to man.

Nicole said...

It looks like you are having such a fun summer. Denver is so fun! I've been and I loved it.

Jessica Stark said...

Sounds like a fantastic trip! Who knew there was so much to do in Denver??

Kel said...

I love Denver and Colorado! (it's like Utah but w/out all the Mormons!) good shots in the Rocky Mountains.

Des said...

Wow. that looks like it was an amazing trip.
When I went to L.I. we fit like 3 or 4 days into 1. Exhausting but worth it!

jamie hixon said...

Denver looks way boss. I never wanted to go there, but you make it sound awesome.