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Monday, August 16, 2010

Chic Coat Hanger

I am always looking for way's to beautify my room. I don't want to overdo it.... but there are just some things that could use a make over, you know? After I made the Chic Mirror with my friend Desiree, I thought to myself... why not use the same concept from making the mirror and make.... other things. Like a coat hanger? Of course I wouldn't really hang coats, but remember when I blogged about my hat obsession? Well, I guess I also have a scarf obsession, which maybe I will blog about when I start wearing them again when it gets cold (which hopefully will not be for a long time *wishful thinking*). Right now I have this cheap little plastic hanger that they barley hang on. So... I decided to remember how I made the mirror and go for it.  It didn't take as long as the mirror thank goodness.

I must say thank you to Jeanne for coming with me to Home Depot. For some reason that store kind of intimidates me. Like its a man store or something. Also want to say thank you to my brother in law, Jess. He helped me screw everything together since he has tools and I do not. And when I brought all the stuff over, my niece, Reanne (age 7) says. "Hey, it smells like Home Depot!" I told her that was exactly right because that is where I bought the stuff. I just thought it was great that she recognized that the smell of Wood & Paint reminds her of Home Depot which sells those things. It made me laugh.

*Side Note* When I was spray painting the wood and such, I used my pointer finger the whole time. I was spray painting for a while. After I was done, the tip of my finger was half numb. I figured it would just go away, but it still is kind of numb 3 nights later. That can't be normal right? Yikes... hope my finger doesn't fall off.

Okay, I'm going to stop talking now and show you the pictures.

Here is the plastic thing I was using before (Please note that is is also broken. Why has it taken me so long to replace it?)

Here is what I made to model after my mirror!

I love how it turned out AND it is more sturdy than the other one. Another successful project completed!


Katie H. said...

Did you use a stencil to create the design on the top?

T-Ray said...

No, its a little wood design thing you can actually buy at Home Depot. I bought the one that is on my mirror also.

rachel v. said...

soo cute!

jamie hixon said...

So awesome!!

Lori said...

Good job Tracy. Looks like you should have made it twice as long though :) Love you!

Des said...

Wow that is so awesome! I love it!

You are so crafty. I love that! I wish I was lol

You room must be sooooo cool!