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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 28

So, I'm a little sad. At night, when I am watering my flowers and in the morning when I am leaving for work... it is starting to get cold! NO!!!! I'm not ready yet. I'm just not. I mean... it didn't even finally get hot until July. On the bright side... I do love fall fashion. It also means I am just going to start traveling to warmer states like California & Arizona. Maybe even Florida (for Winter) if I can find a friend to come with me?

There is a benefit to moving, even though it is a pain... you go through all of your stuff and get rid of a bunch of stuff. Since I don't move once a year anymore, I still need to go through all my stuff once a year and get rid of stuff. I first started with my closet and shoes. I filled up a big trash bag full for DI. This felt great! Then I have that other room down in the basement that I have left a lone since we moved in back in November. Yep... my stuff has been sitting in lots of piles ALL over that room. It's embarrassing. That is so not like me. I keep telling myself I am going to tackle that project, but that project keeps getting bigger and more overwhelming. Well, since this month has slowed down for me with traveling and crazy fun... I decided to start. I like to stay productive. So... I have started on it. It's not done by any means... but it looks a lot better. I have been going through everything and have a big trash pile and filled another DI bag. Going through my CD's has been interesting. Trying to get rid of all the old burned CD's that skip. I mean... we have ipod's now. Why keep the CD's. Anyway... its getting there. I will post a before and after picture when it is all done. But I am already feeling a lot better about it. :o)

Our ward is starting to make a change for the better. MORE GUYS ARE MOVING IN!!! Hallelujah!! Seriously... some of them are even cute AND normal! This is going to be a great year! Not that we didn't have great guys in the ward before, they were just VERY few in number. Lets keep our fingers crossed for me. ha ha.

You remember on Tuesday, I talked about how my car wouldn't start that morning and I was an hour late to work and missed my meeting I was supposed to go to? It is times like those where my dad would usually be the one to fix it, but he is too far away and I don't know what to do. So thankful that my co-workers are so understanding. Also thankful that one of my co-workers, Paul, knows lots about cars. I just had to describe how my car was acting and he knew what was wrong and then drove with me to my car on my lunch break and fixed it. Turns out the corrosion was preventing the battery from working and it just needed to be cleaned. I learned something new that day. I was SO happy nothing was wrong and I didn't have to spend money and take it into a shop!

The next day, I woke up at 6am to my new roommates knocking on my bedroom door. They came in calling my name telling me the power was out and they wanted to make sure that I was up in time to get ready for work. As nice as this thought was... I was pretty annoyed since #1- I didn't have to wake up for another two hours and #2- I use the alarm on my phone and was going to be just fine regardless if the power was or was not working by then. The power being out doesn't really concern me. So I had to get ready that morning with a flashlight. No big deal. It hardly ever happens and usually they fix it pretty quick, so I am never that concerned. My roommates on the other hand wanted to know where the circuit breaker was so they could try and fix it. I tried telling them that wasn't going to do anything, but they insisted. So I had to get out of bed to show them where it was so that it could do nothing but make me lose even more sleep. It turns out that the power was out for about 5 hours. I guess a semi ran into one of the power poles down the street from us and it knocked over 7 poles total and over 4,000 people were without power. Pretty much all of South Provo. I wanted to tell my new roommates "Girls, you can flip those switches all you want, its not going to help us or the rest of south Provo to get our power back". I am surprised nobody was hurt with this accident though. Seriously. It was major! I can only imagine how heavy those poles are... and 7 of them crashing down? I am close enough to where it happened that I am surprised that the crashing didn't wake me up. What a week! I drove by it today, they are still working on fixing it, but for the most part... they cleaned it up and fixed it all really fast! Here are some pictures of the scene!


Darrell said...

I hoped that the power would be out at the Novell campus too... not to be.

Lynette Mills said...

wow, what a mess!

politicchic6 said...

Ha, I love it that your roommates seriously wanted to mess with the breaker. Did the not understand that the whole of south p-town was affected? Either way, good, good times.

Lori said...

Wow, what an accident! We just had a big rig accident here, but it was worse. A rig lost its breaks coming down the pass and crashed into two cars and then a little house with 3 people in it. They were burried alive in the rubble.
I do think it was nice of your roomates to make sure you wouldnt be late to work... dont be to annoyed at them.

jamie hixon said...

So, I vote for you going to AZ when the weather gets too cold. You know my reasons.

Yay for more guys moving in!

Boo for that big accident. That is crazy!