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Monday, August 30, 2010

Classic Skating

Tonight for FHE we joined with two other wards in our stake and went Classic Skating! I can't even tell you how long it has been since I have been roller skating. However, I do own my own pair of roller blades, so I brought them. It took a few rounds around the rink to not feel retarded and feel like I was going to run into someone or fall over. After that, I really got into it, dancing and skating to the music. Roller dancing if you will. I ended up having a blast and was reminded how fun roller blading is. Since I own a pair, I should probably use them more often huh? There is something about having the music playing while you skate though. Anyway... it was a blast.

It was super hot in there... so sorry for my face being REALLY red in all of these pictures. Here are some pictures I took with my friends that were there.

First we have my boys from Apx! We used to hang out ALL the time together at work and outside of work. Jordy also happens to be one of the guys that I went to Guatemala with! I miss them a lot. They are so fun. So every time I see them (which is a lot more often now that they moved into my stake) I get SO excited to see them. :o) Did I tell you that I also ran into them when I went to the Bottomless Pitt? Anyway, Nick & Jordy (Jordan) rock my socks off!

Then of course we have my long time BFF of the ward, Rob.

We have my new friend I made that night because he asked me to skate with him for the "SnowBall" skate. (aka skate together holding hands while slow song plays). His name is Brad.

Then we have my lovely roommate Tina, new ward buddy Ashley, My photography BFF.. Jamen and one of our lovely Institute teachers / another new ward friend, Ali. :o) I love my friends. (pictures in reverse order)


Bre said...

fun. and can i just say you are hanging out with some serious hotties there. I hope one turns into a serious boyfriend. :)

ps...you're looking super skinny. good job!!!

Lynette Mills said...

I'm hoping for Brad :)

THE LIZARD'S said...

what ?!!!!!!!! that looks SO fun! I think you look like you had a blast and you get to feel like a kid again! and you had some NICE LOOKING guys to skate with!!! HOLLa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Abby Wright said...

Hello Brad! *in a seductive voice*

jamie hixon said...

How awesome! Looks like a fun time... and you look great!