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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Paparazzi Jewelry Party

My friend Bre and I met about 6 years ago through mutual friends... although, we now realize we should have been roommates. Anyway... now we are blogging buddies. One day she blogged that she was now selling jewelry... and everything was only $5 and if we wanted to host a party to let her know. Say What? Only $5? It must not be cute stuff then (I thought to myself) so I asked her to post pictures. She posted pictures and it was cute stuff. I was sold. The next day I set up a time to hold a Paparazzi party at my house.

It was a success. I had a handful of people that came and bought stuff and were very happy with what they got. She sold enough that I was able to get some free stuff too... which was a total bonus. Here is what I ended up with.

Here are some of my friends that came to the party. *I more remembered to take pictures in the beginning of the party then I did towards the end*

Since there was going to be a small party at my house, I knew I had to have a cute dessert table. :o) Rachel helped me with the food and decorations. The decorations was just using stuff that I already had... which was really nice. We decided that it would be really cute to decorate the table with purple and zebra print. I loved it. For the dessert stands... I just hot glued a plastic plate and cup together and then spray painted it... that way I could have dessert stands that matched our setting, but I could just throw it away after I was done with the party.

Since I have been so crazy busy... I bought all the food needed on my lunch break and then Rachel made the cupcakes and the homemade oeros! They were SO good. Everyone was super impressed with the dessert table.

Amazingly this is something that Rachel and I were too busy to put together... so this is us doing a party SUPER last minute. I still LOVE how it turned out. I love the colors. The food was amazing. I probably ate a bit too much sugar.

Thank you Bre for doing the party and thanks to everyone that came. It was a lot of fun!


Bre said...

it was so fun! and of course, so fun to see you! Can't wait for the reunion next week!

A Little Cuppa Tea said...

Party turned out so cute for us throwing it together the night before. You forgot to mention what we thought up to do to the lanterns with the burnt zebra flowers. Basically Tracy magically had all this stuff laying around the house, literally all of it. And so I took some scissors cut some circles, burned the endges, sorry roommates for the smell, and hot glued them together and we had stinkin cute flowers to dress up the lanterns! I so heart girly parties!

And thanks the rest of the food we just drizzled chocolate over, super easy and super delicious!

Lori said...

$5 jewelry party sounds like a good time to me :) Good work!

jamie hixon said...

WHAT?! That looks fabulous. Amazing decor, delicious looking desserts, and $5 jewelry? That is awesome.

Kayleigh said...

Thanks so much for hosting this party Tracy! You guys did a fantastic job. I loved the decorations, the desserts were delicious, and I have worn my jewelry a few times already! I got the same lacey necklace as you and I love it!