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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Rainbow Party

I follow a lot of craft and recipe blogs. Its true. One day I started running across these amazing rainbow cakes. I sent the link to my friend Rachel saying that we should make it sometime. Along with this marshmallow smoothie that looks like a pink with white polka dot drink. That was all it took before the wheels in Rachel's head started turning and she decided she was going to do it for her birthday which was coming up... in April.

It was a small party of her closest friends. I would like to tell you that I helped more than I did... but that would be a lie. I helped put up some of the decorations. I put the cupcake cups on the lights, I helped dye the cake. What I helped with most was eating the food at the party. I was good at that. :o) I may not be able to take credit for the food at the party... but I CAN take credit for helping with the idea and for all of these pictures. I took lots and lots of pictures.

The party table setting started out in Black and White. It looked like this.

Rachel made this center piece out of the cupcake tins. Cute right? Such a good idea to use them for the cupcakes, the center piece AND to put over the white lights.

Speaking of lights... I put all those things on the lights. I thought it looked darling.

THEN.... the color was added! BAM!

She had lots of rainbow colored food.

I loved the Rainbow Jello in the fancy glasses. I thought that was such a great idea. That is my favorite jello by the way... although she makes hers a little different than I do. Still so good.

Did you notice the Black and White Tablecloth on the table? Well, she got some colored paint pens and had us all color it however we wanted it. I loved that idea.  Here we are coloring away...

After everyone had tried all of the treats and colored to their hearts content... the cake was brought out. We sang Happy Birthday and the cake was reveled !!!

Not only did it look amazing, but it tasted amazing too. It was of course made from scratch and turned out as good as the picture that I had sent Rachel. What an amazing cake. Seriously. How fun is that? If you have a lot of time to dedicate to making it.... I totally recommend it. :o)

I LOVED this party. So cute. So well put together. So Fun. I would expect nothing less out of a party put on by Rachel. She's amazing. 


Darrell said...

I heart you and Tina

jamie hixon said...

Wow! That is an amazing party. How pretty! I think it would be fun to do something like this for Gwen's birthday. Where did you guys get those cupcake paper tins? They are awesome!

Tracy said...

Darrell- I heart you.

Jamie- I think Rachel got the cupcake tins at Ikea... and yes... that would be SUCH a cute idea for a birthday party for Gwen.

Dallas and Kirsten said...

Oh my goodness this is absolutely adorable! I love all the color and the cake is to die for! Wish your friend a happy birthday for me :)

Lynette Mills said...

starting with black and white was so smart before adding the color. Rachael is genious! and so are you tracy.... love the whole thing

Lori said...

This looks like it was quite the party.... and WAY to many hours in a kitchen!! You guys sure know how to go ALL OUT :) Amazing!

THE LIZARD'S said...

I love ...love ...love..ALL these decorations!!! SO cute! WIsh I could make that cake!!

A Little Cuppa Tea said...

I love the pictures you took, good job. Ill post them on my blog once i have time.

Jamie Hixon- I got all the cup cake tins at Orson Giggys. It's in Salt Lake City, and they have a huge variety of restaurant supplies. But you can also get them on-line, and Hobby Lobby has a big selection.

Theresa @ Just Call Me "T" said...

What a fun and creative party!! :Dd

kelly said...

how did you do the jello?

T-Ray said...

This is the recipe I use for the jello


However, she didn't use the sweetened condensed milk... she put a little bit of ice cream into each layer instead.

Kayleigh said...

Dear Tracy,

You should be a party planner. You are amazing. Tina too, of course!!

Everything looks so amazing!

PS - One time I made a rainbow cake, but the layers were too tall and I didn't have the right cake platter... AND I had to transport it like 20 minutes away where there were a lot of sharp turns. Picture the cake from Sleeping Beauty! (falling over)

A Little Cuppa Tea said...

Ok I forgot to put my link on your page about my Birthday Party, so heres my official link to the Rainbow Party with all the recipes on how to make all the food, and how to make all the crafts!


Thanks Tracy again for taking pictures, since I ending up being so busy making everything and switching it from Black and white to color!