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Friday, October 22, 2010

Pirate Party

As another part of the "13 Days of Halloween" my friends Rachel, Maria and I were in charge of throwing the party of the season. We chose a theme and went to town. The theme? Pirate Party. We wanted to have people enter my house and feel like they entered Tortuga. In order to accomplish this it took a lot of planning. Rachel and I took trips to many stores, cut out a lot of paper, a trip up the canyon to find a piece of wood for the "Tortuga" sign, a few trips to Rachel's parents basement to get costumes and decor and Maria, Rachel & I making lots of food.

Rachel and I knew the transformation of my house was going to take a lot of time. We both took off Friday and spent the entire day gathering everything we needed and setting up and staging my house. We finished right as the party started. I barely had enough time to dress up.

The party was a success! We had probably around 40 people throughout the night. We started out with karaoke revolution and then the rest of the night Rock Band was played. Everyone had a blast and many said it was the best party they had been to this year.

The food was so good that there was not much left of anything by the end of the night.

Since cupcakes is what everyone wants these days.... so we had cupcakes. Not only did they look amazing, they tasted amazing too!

Here is how the decorations turned out. The living room was like a cave with a waterfall  and a treasure chest. It was awesome. The kitchen was like a dinning room you would see on a pirate ship. It all turned out amazing.

Not everyone, but a good number of people that came dressed up as Pirates. I love my friends! It was such a fun party!! I love Halloween!

*One of the Highlights of the Party is when this guy comes walking in the door with a big cooler of ice over his shoulder. As he came in the kitchen and set it down, I was talking to one of my friends. We both looked at each other and realized we both didn't know him. She then goes over and starts making friendly conversation with him and asks him his name introduced herself to him and then asked who he knew at the party. Turns out he didn't know anyone there. He somehow saw the invite on facebook and decided it looked like a cool party and showed up.... with a big cooler of ice. To be nice. He stayed the rest of the party. I thought it was brave and kind of awesome that someone would show up at a party where they didn't know anyone. SO random though, we just laughed about it.*

The girls who put on the party! Love these girls! Thanks girls for all you did for the party and for loving putting on amazing parties as much as I do. You girls rock! :o)


Lynette Mills said...

I so wish I could have seen it in person and sampled some of those cupcakes! You an amazing job throwing a party!!!!!!

Vivian said...

You guys are amazing. I want you to come throw a party at my house.

jamie hixon said...

That is amazing! I second what Vivian said. You know you want to move to Arizona.

Lori said...

You need to start making a living throwing parties... you would be rich by now! Looks so fun, wish i could have gone!

politicchic6 said...

In response to random guy at your party... Where does the line get drawn between creepy and brave. I once threw a halloween party, and yes, a random stranger showed up. He SEEMED normal enough, but I always wondered...

Kayleigh said...

Alright, now I'm REALLY sad I missed it :(

THE LIZARD'S said...

Ha! Love this post. That guy is funny! Only in provo is it cool to have a random guy in your house at night.