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Monday, January 9, 2012


While Ashley was here, I got a call Saturday morning (waking me up) asking me what we should all do for the day. Although I was half asleep, I mentioned going to Boondocks in Draper and everyone went for the idea. Almost all of us had also never been there before. I have always wanted to check it out so I thought this would be the perfect group to do that... and it was. The average age there is like 7... but we bumped up the average on Saturday. ha ha. We got the unlimited use pass for the day and played our little hearts out. Sadly since it is Winter... the batting cages and bumper boats were not open, otherwise we would have done them even though it was snowing and freezing outside.

What did we do at Boondocks on Saturday?

Well... We played games like DDR, Guitar hero, shooting hoops etc...

We watched 3 different XD movies.

Played Laser Tag.

Went on the Go-Carts outside... twice! The first time wasn't even fun for me because my hands were so freezing I thought they would fall off, so the second time I went with Jason. Much more fun because I was warmer and he is a better driver. We passed up like 8 cars and we started in the back!

We won lots of tickets from video games and then picked a group prize at the end... which was sunglasses and dice for when we played games together.

Yes, good times were had at Boondocks. I'm glad I have friends like me that don't want to grow up!


jamie hixon said...

That looks like a ton of fun! Sometimes I wish I had energy. And Kanye West glasses.

Vicki S said...

Seriously one of the funnest days everrrr!! Lets go back!

Lori said...

I would have never guessed what that place was by it's name- looks super fun! Glad you went and had a blast :)

Ashley said...

i seriously loved that day!! Thanks for letting us wake you up and for having such a bomb.com idea!! i love the picture of us with the guns! well...you guys pointing the guns at me...haha next time i come up...we are doing it mario cart style!! i totally loved acting like a kid!