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Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Recently, I have taken the color test... again. Some people think that the color test is silly, but I really like it.  Once you get to know what each color means, it really helps you understand people a lot more. At least it does for me. It helps you understand what motivates people and why people react certain ways instead of getting frustrated and not understanding why people don't think and handle things the same way that you do. Of course you still get frustrated... but at least it helps you understand more.

Because it helps you understand other people more, it is really great to take this test with other people. The other Sunday James was over for dinner at my families house and we took it together with my sister. It is amazing how well I know him. I could have taken that test for him. In fact he asked me  what I thought on a lot of those questions. In the end it helped us get to know each other more and it opened up great discussion on what we need to improve on with communication and so on. I thought it was so great that I came home and told my roommates about it. They wanted to take the test too, so I borrowed the book from my mom and I read the questions to my roommates (plus Vicki & Tara) and they all took the test. Once you have an understanding of all of the colors... you usually can guess what people are before they take the test. I am usually pretty accurate. Nonetheless it was still great to take it as a group and talk about our differences and similarities of how we react and handle situations. I think we left learning more about each other and understanding each other more... and that is never a bad thing if you ask me. I recommend taking it with people you want to open up communication with. It is super great for that. Just make sure they are honest when taking the test... some people try to take the test with the outcome they want rather than what they are. Not sure why... it is not like there is no right or wrong answer.

I have taken this test a handful of times since I was in middle school. Of course it changes a little as I have gotten older and understand more of who I am and what life has molded me to be, but my core colors have always stayed the same. Blue / Yellow. Some people have a hard time taking the test, but it is amazing to me how easy that test is for me. I really know who I am. I am fully aware of my weaknesses because I hate those things about me, but I also know that I have some really great strengths and can appreciate that about myself. Yep, I am for sure a Blue /  Yellow through and through.

Here is my score when I took it this last time.

Blue = 22
Yellow = 13
White = 7
Red = 3

Here is what the book says about my color combo (Blue/Yellow):
First thing it says is that we are fun to tease (this explains why I have been teased by everyone my entire life). "I call them my duel personalities, because they can be footloose and carefree one minute then suddenly turn very serious the next.... They are intimacy-based and have no strong desire for power in their relationship."
Blues are motivated by altruism. Blues crave intimacy. Blues need to be loved. Blues are directed by a strong moral conscience.
Yellows value play. Yellows welcome praise. Yellows need intimacy. Yellows want to be popular. Yellows like action.

Yep.... that is me in a nutshell. Do you think it would be too hard to find a guy that was blue/yellow? I think that would be good for me... not sure what other color I would need to balance me out. Guess I will find out... one day.


Kristy said...

I tend to think that I am less blue than I used to be...and then I take the color test again and sure enough. Not changed a bit.

Lori said...

You may need some red in your relationship.... :) Billy is pretty blue i think, we will have to take that test again together. (maybe when we come to visit)

Lynette Mills said...

and I'm still as white as can be... but that's okay, I'm at peace with that. ha ha