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Monday, January 2, 2012

Burn Baby Burn

One day, James came to visit me at my work. We were chatting in my office and I reach for my hand sanitizer. For some reason I have kind of been obsessed with hand sanitizer ever since I went to India in 2010. As I am using the hand sanitizer.. James asks me if I have ever lit my hand on fire with the hand sanitizer. What? Umm No. He says... Oh really? Like I should have totally done that before. We will have to do that sometime.  Okay I say... sounds like a good time.

4 days later... Hand sanitizer is out.

Which leads to corn starch ...

Which leads to pure entertainment. :)


flux biota. said...

ha! wow, I had no idea.

jamie hixon said...

What's funny about that video is that it didn't work the second time and he got everyone all corn starchy. He could work at the Polynesian Cultural Center with those pyrotechnics. ;-)

Lynette Mills said...

that post made me laugh... or laugh out loud as they say!!