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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Mr. New Years Eve

Mr. New Years Eve and I had known each other for a while. When we were friends before... I was seriously dating someone/ engaged. Even still, he would occasionally flirt with me and I thought to myself... if I wasn't dating this guy, I would go out with him. A year or so later we connect again. Start chatting again and flirting and then he asks me out. I was excited. Here was my chance with this guy to see if there was anything there. (Don't get me wrong, I would have never cheated... I never even have any interest in any other guy while I am dating someone. That's how I roll).

Mr. New Years Eve and I go out. We have a great time, we go out again. We are enjoying each others company and continue to see each other and talk. He confesses that he had a crush on me while I was in my other relationship. We talked about how we liked each other. It was cute really.

Christmas was over and done and the question I was waiting for came. "What are you doing New Years Eve?" So we planned our date.

New Years Eve came and the date did not exactly go according to plan, but we were still having a great time talking, setting goals for the new year and being together. In fact.. I felt like things were progressing. I could feel that we were getting closer and more comfortable with each other. I still wasn't sure if I wanted to be in a serious relationship with this guy... but I was getting excited about him. I mean... it is hard to find someone that you like that likes you back.  As midnight approached... I was hoping for a New Years Eve kiss. Doesn't every girl hope for that? Especially from a guy you have been spending so much time with? I'm not going to tell this guys secrets or anything (not that you know who it is anyway) but I had a feeling I was not going to get that kiss and I was right. I was a little disappointed, but still having a good time. As our date came to a close, he was a gentleman and walked me to the door.

Mr. New Years Eve: "Well, thanks for going out with me tonight Tracy. Sorry that nothing worked out the way we planned. Please don't let this end up on your blog"

Me: "I won't (woops). And don't worry about the date, I still had a great time being with you. Doesn't matter what we did or didn't do on the date"

Mr. New Years Eve: "Ok good. Well have a good night. Hope you accomplish all of your goals this year"

Me: "Umm... you too?"

And he was gone. Was that a goodbye forever? I mean... I thought the date wasn't that bad. Did I do something wrong? Maybe I am reading into this too much. But doesn't "Hope you accomplish all of your goals this year" imply that you won't be seeing them so good luck?

Turns out I was right. I have not seen him since that date. We have talked since, but that is how it ended. "Hope you accomplish all your goals this year". What the. He might as well have said "So what did you have for dinner". Don't get me wrong, I think he is a great guy and we are still friends... but what a way to end things forever. Oh, and some advice for the guys out there.... don't ask a girl out on a date on New Years Eve if you don't plan on giving her a kiss at midnight.  Just sayin.


Vivian said...

I have always wondered how you get away with putting your dating stories on your blog. I'm sure he loves reading the recap. haha. Oh and I bet he was just still thinking about your blog when he wished you well on your goals. Don't you think?

Karen Ella said...

Trace...could not agree more. Here's to you and me, and a great 2012.

jamie hixon said...

I remember this. I completely agree.

Lynette Mills said...

does he read your blog? probably not... i remember it too