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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 102

I'm not really even sure what to say about this last week. It has been cold, we finally are getting our Winter snow. On Saturday we drove to Park City just to turn around. I swear the people who plow the roads thought they had this year off since we have not had much snow this Winter. None of the roads were plowed and it was bad by park city. Seriously... I have never seen so many cars stuck and slid off the road as I did on Saturday on the way to Park City. It was nuts. My favorite quote that day was from my friend Dave's facebook status that day.. "Don't worry UDOT... I got this... I'll just plow every road between Provo Canyon and PC with my Mazda. Just send the check in the mail."

I was watching the Bachelor this week and they went to Park City Utah. It was for sure filmed in the fall because it was beautiful. It was so fun to see them here in Utah and to see the dates he took the girls on. One of his one on one dates he took the girl to the Crater! I recognized it as soon as they got there seeing as though I went 3 times in one month. It was cool that they decided to do that, but at the same time I had to laugh because they made it sounds so scary because they repelled from the top. They were claiming it was 300 ft down but it really is not that high at all. They didn't show the platform inside the crater or that there was another entrance. Desiree and I had a good laugh about it. Makes you think what else they terribly exaggerate on that show. Pretty funny.

I have been being a little more social with the ward lately. Everyone has been asking me where I have been. Ha ha... I didn't realize that I had not been around lately... but I do feel that way, just not sure what I was doing instead... how did it happen. I feel like I'm in a time warp or something.

I went to a Chinese New Year Party tonight. A friend and I jammed out on the guitar at the party... he was teaching me some new songs. The Chinese New Year Party was good. Not as awesome as the one we threw last year of course, but it was good. I had a great time hanging out with everyone. This year is the year of the Dragon, which is pretty legit. More legit than last year which was the year of the Rabbit.

Other than that, besides going to the temple, it has been a pretty discouraging week. Mostly because I feel like I have not lost any weight. Given, I have not weighed myself yet, but usually you can tell with how your clothes fit. I mean... I have not been eating any carbs or sugar ALL month long. The one time I cheated I had a slice of corn bread when going out to eat with my roommates. My roommate also made a whole wheat banana bread that I had some of... but besides that, nothing. Seriously. I have also been eating 1200 calories or less and have been keeping track on my phone. I ALSO have been continuing with my workouts doing Pialtes and Zumba and running. All of this you would think you would have seen more results. Ugh. I hate that my body is so stubborn. Guys on the other had just stop drinking soda and they lose 20 pounds. Jason lost 20 pounds this month and he just started eating better and a little less, he doesn't even exercise. I know I shouldn't compare myself to guys because they lose weight so much easier than girls... but seriously. I need some encouragement, I need to see some results in order to keep this up. I want to fit into my pants again!!! This is so discouraging. I want to have my hard work pay off and show some results! Okay... I'm done venting. Anyone have any suggestions of how to help a stubborn body? I will take any advice I can get. Maybe I should sign up for a personal trainer again...


flux biota. said...

I'm trying to lose a bit of weight, myself. It can get discouraging. Sometimes, it just takes awhile for your body to realize its not starving. Once it doesn't think you're stuck in a desert, dying from lack of cookies, it'll kick into gear. Just don't get discouraged, drink a lot of water, get some good sleep, and meditate a bit.

Kayleigh said...

I know how you feel! The only way I lost all that weight last year is because I was going to the gym 6 - 7 times per week and I was only eating rabbit food and boiled chicken. I was practically starving myself and eating very little chicken, like a 100 g portion that you would have while on HCG. I haven't been as diligent with either food or the gym, but I'm still going and I haven't seen any changes. It is so discouraging. I need to go to the doctor anyways, so I'm going to ask about my weight when I go. I'll let you know if I get any helpful information!

jamie hixon said...

Everything. (that is my answer about how much of The Bachelor is exaggerated.) That franchise is terrible and fake.

That facebook status from your friend made me laugh.

I hear you on the weight thing. I went to the doctor this week to get blood work done, it should be back by Tuesday. I told my doctor that I work out all the time, never drink anything but water and sometimes milk, that I don't eat junk and eat plenty of fruits and veg. I told him that I tried cleanses, South Beach, even Weight Watchers for over 6 weeks and it didn't help. He said if there is nothing wrong with my thyroid he is going to give me a weight loss/appetite suppressant pill. I'll keep you posted.

Kristy said...

I think you look like you've lost some weight. It's hard to tell sometimes for a while, especially when you look at yourself every day. Remember, it's going to come off a lot slower when your not doing HCG.

Lori said...

Sounds like you are doing a lot of great things to change your life style to loose weight. Remember, slow and steady is the permanent loss. Don't get discouraged and keep moving :)Drink lots of water, get a good nights sleep and be as active in your day as you can. Don't give up!