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Monday, January 23, 2012


Seriously... this is all I do these days. We watch LOST over at Jason's. We are only half way through. We have fun for sure, but I need to get out more. I love these girls!


Lori said...

Winter time is a hard time to get motivated for sure..... but, don't forget your goals :) Lot's of moving around = slow and steady weight loss and a cruise!! Maybe you could get a stationary bike and ride while you watch lost :)Love you. (and see you in a few weeks!)

jamie hixon said...

Hey, Lost is worth it. Most of the time. And you are not being lazy, you are accomplishing your goal of seeing Lost.

Darrell said...

We need to play guitar. I will call you soon and we'll jam.

mjfin22 said...

LOST! I completely understand, that was me just a few months ago! Have so much fun and enjoy the laziness!