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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Cheers to 2012

Like I said before, every year I have big hopes and dreams for New Years Eve and every year I end up doing something low key. A part of me is disappointed and the other part of me doesn't care because in all reality, it is just another day.

Well... this year was no different. Another low key New Years Eve spent in good company. Tina, Rachel, Jason and I (the new LOST crew) decided we would first get dressed up nice and go out to dinner. We chose GoodWood for our last meal of the year. I was happy with this choice especially since we are all going to be on a major diet starting Monday. It was a good meal. This is what I left for our waiter. (A crane and a kiss)

We then headed to a party of our fellow ward member who now lives in Pleasant Grove. I danced it up on the game Just Dance. We stayed at the party for a couple of hours and then headed home to watch the ball drop on TV. Rachel then made us the most amazing waffles, strawberry daiquiri's. The night before she made us Frozen Hot Chocolate so I thought I would throw that in there too since I have discovered how much I love them. We then watched LOST until late until the night.

The only goal that was discussed for the New Year was wanting to lose weight. If we can lose the weight that we want to... there is a great prize in store. :) Even though we did not talk about goals we wanted to accomplish this year besides weight loss, I still want to write some of mine down because I am big into goals... and I feel like if I write them down, I am more likely to accomplish them. First let's see how I did on last years goals.  I mentioned that I wanted to do another race. Check! I ran in the Dirty Dash. Next I mentioned wanting to travel outside of the country again. Check! I went to South Africa. I next mentioned that I wanted to get Scuba Certified. CHECK!! I did that in August! Now... I just need to use it. Next, go to the temple more regularly. Check! Thanks to my good friend Sara. She really helped me in this area. Next, do another painting. Uncheck. I didn't do that. Seems so simple... but I guess I never sat down and really thought about what I wanted to paint. I will have to try again for this year. Next, I wanted to read more. Check! I did read more. Was it a book a month like I later put on my year list, not quite... but I did read more. Last I put that I wanted to learn how to play Guitar. CHECK!! I am still a work in progress, but I can play songs. Woohoo! 6/7 is really good right? Okay... let's be honest, I have a lot bigger list than that which I didn't read off... but I am still thinking I did pretty well.
So... goals for 2012? I will of course have a much bigger list than what I give you... but to give you a few... I want to run in a 10k race, travel outside the country again, reach my goal weight, learn to sew better and I am going to go ahead and put the painting goal back on there.

I am thankful for the last year being a good one with good people in my life. Let's hope that 2012 is even better! Cheers!


A Little Cuppa Tea said...

Thsnks for the shout out on the food. Im glad you liked them, and i'm glad you finally got to try frozen hot chocolate. That being said... sorry it was near the end when we started our diet. Kinda sad, but probably better. Heres to the new years! We never did toast...

jamie hixon said...

Come to AZ and I'll teach you to sew like a pro. Well, as pro as I get.