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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Carving of the Pumpkins

Thursday RJ & Jeremy invited Allison and I to carve pumpkins. It was awesome because Allison and I were going to carve pumpkins that night anyway, but it's more fun with more friends. So we all carved together.

So glad we did. Not only was it fun, but I needed a drill for my pumpkin and I didn't have one. Jeremy helped me out with that. Thanks Jeremy!

We all had a blast and I think they all turned out great. RJ was so proud of minion pumpkin that he took a selfie with it... and happened to capture it.

I got the idea for my pumpkin from Pinterest. I LOVE how it turned out. I also loved that it went with my Peter Pan Halloween theme.

Another year Halloween over. It was fun.


William said...

Every one of those pumpkins came out AWESOME! I am not patient enough to do that detailed of carving!! Good job!

jamie hixon said...

Wow, nice job! I've seen the Tinkerbell and thought "I am never going to do that, it looks like too much work!" Ha! It turned out SO cute. And I love Jack as well.