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Friday, November 21, 2014

Car Dealerships

Dear Car Dealerships,

I need a new car (newer used) and I want to buy one. After going to a few of you... you make me NOT want to buy a car. You make test driving a car is miserable experience. You make nice and friend Tracy turn into Sassy mad Tracy. I hate this process and you make me never want to do it again by giving me the run around and pressuring me to commit to things I don't want to.

I don't care to talk about Nintendo's and make small talk because you think that that is going to make me like you more therefore buy a car from you. It has everything to do with money... so please just tell me the price of the car and I will continue to shop around. When I tell you that I am annoyed and I need to go back to work... I REALLY am annoyed and REALLY need to go back to work.

I REALLY do need and want to buy a car, not that I am looking forward to car payments and higher car insurance, but I am looking forward to a new car that isn't super loud and shake when I drive it. Something that I'm not going to have anxiety every time I have to drive in the snow. It's time... and I wish you would make this experience better for me.


I know I need to be an adult and deal with this and that this is a good experience for me... but sometimes I hate being an adult. I just want me dad to do it for me. Is that a terrible thing to say as a 31 year old? It would be so much easier. Please someone just find the car I want and deal with the dealerships and insurance and car loans and then I will pay for it.

..... Thanks.


mjfin22 said...

Yuck. I agree 100% and you may have already figured it all out but Michael loves the car buying process and would be happy to help you if needed.

jamie hixon said...

We just watched a Modern Family episode about buying a car from dealerships. It was funny. I bet you are glad you are on the other side of this now.