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Saturday, November 29, 2014

New Wheels

Today I took a very big step in my adult life and made a big purchase. A new car. There are certain purchases in your life that make you feel like a real adult.... my first one was graduating from a single bed to a queen bed. That may sound silly... but a single bed is what you grow up sleeping on since you were a little kid. So when I got a queen bed, I felt like a real grown up.

The next purchase was my new car. It is a used car... but it is pretty new. It's a 2014 Mazda CX-5 Grand Touring. Compared to my last car (my 2003 Ford Focus) this car is a dream. The new technology they put into car amazes me. There is a blind spot detector so you don't merge over when there is a car there that you can't see. There is heated leather seats, a sun roof, dual climate control, a touch screen that has a backup camera, blue tooth and pandora and I can answer phone calls hands free while I'm diving. I never imagined driving a car so nice and fancy. I Love it.

Not only do I love how it looks on the inside... and how much more room I have in this car to pack in stuff if I needed to... but I also love how cute it looks on the outside as well. Charcoal Gray is the color car I have always wanted. I think it's so classy. So I got exactly what I wanted there. Plus I love the look of this compact SUV. I had driven others and liked them but still was unsure about this or that... but when I test drove this car... I fell in love. It is so quite and drives so smooth and it is AWD which is going to make the world of difference driving this Winter. I got a good price for the car... and although it took FOREVER at the dealership (I drove to Layton just to buy this car at this price)  and I felt like I had to sign my life away (I think I had to sign 30 papers) it was an overall pretty good experience. Thank you Young Chevrolet. Thank you to my mom as well for driving me there and sitting with me the entire process even though it was long. I LOVE my new car. It gets awesome gas milage, so I'm sure it will be taking me on many adventures to come. I'm glad this process is finally done and over with and now I just get to enjoy the car... and make some big car payments.... now the next stress will be selling my old car...


Gary said...

Nice. Congrats, Tracy

Lynette Mills said...

It's a beauty, just like you!

William said...

It is one nice looking car! Glad you got it before the snow came :) You need to break it in now and drive to SB!!!!

jamie hixon said...

I love it, and I'm glad you love it too. I hope you can sell your old one fast.

Douglass said...

What a thrilling feeling. I took my son to get his first car a few days ago. He had worked the entire summer in a manual labor job to be able to afford it. It was not a new car but it was in fairly good condition and he takes very good care of it and it makes him happy.

Douglass @ Viva Kia