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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 244

This week I'm thankful for a flexible job. I love living close to work where they don't yell at me for being a few minutes late. I'm love having my own office and space to do my own thing. I love that I can watch Netflix while I work. I also love that I can bring in my lap top and work on other things when work is slow.

Speaking of that... I finally am working on my Southeast Asia book. It is only taking me a year. Once I started working on it though... I have gotten most of it done in a few days, which is awesome. I am hoping I can make the same progress on my Europe book and have them both done by Thanksgiving when my family comes. It will feel good to get that done.

And speaking of Netflix, I have been watching Gilmore Girls. I had seen episodes here and there, but never sat down and watched it from the beginning. It's cute. I like it. I started it a couple of days ago and I am almost done with the first season. It's a nice change from all of the dark stuff I have been watching lately.

The diet has been going well. I am fitting back into all of my pants. That is a VERY good feeling. I am finally starting to look in the mirror again and say to myself, hey.... I look skinny... instead of thinking how gross I look. It took a month, but I'm getting there which is the important thing. I am also getting there with having cheat days so that I am not miserable through the holidays. I like that. I just have to set up rules for myself, and then I follow them pretty well. I'm going to stay on the diet this time until I reach my goal weight. Hopefully it won't take too long since I don't have as much weight to loose to start off with as I did the first time. Plus, I figure this is great to do during the holidays because I won't gain weight and hopefully I will even continue to lose. I go on a trip next weekend... so we will see how that goes. Hopefully I can stay pretty good.

Saturday I went to a concert at Velour with John. He introduced me to Mimi Knowles. Mimi is AWESOME! I love a good concert (especially when it is cheap)... and Mimi was a good concert. I don't know how anyone could watch him and not smile and love him. The other people that played that night on the other hand.... not our favorite. The two middle ones were the worst. The first girl I actually liked. Anyway.... I love music.

Other than that I had a really productive weekend and week. I'm getting rid of more and more stuff. I even got rid of my clock in my room the other day. Why? Because I have a bigger phone now and there is an app for that. So when I go to bed, I just put my phone on clock and set my alarm and it sits on my night stand where I can see it and that is all I need. The great thing about that? I don't have to reset it every time the power goes out.... in fact I would still have it on when the power goes out. I don't have to change it every time daylight saving happens. It takes up less space. I am all about space efficiency these days. Hey! If there is an app for something... why have something sit around the house that does the same thing? I feel good about it.

My Activities co-chair is AWESOME! I just think he is the greatest. I tell him that all the time too. We went shopping for our first activity we are putting on this Saturday. Hopefully people come and have a good time. I'm just so glad that he is super helpful and excited to do his calling, because if he weren't... I am not so sure that I would be. Is that sad for me to say? I had just really checked out of the ward.... except going to church on Sunday. So it was hard for me to go from that to.... HEY lets put on epic activities for the ward that I love and hang out with. ha ha. I'll get there. Maybe the Christmas party will help me.

I am starting to think about planning my ward Christmas party. We are doing the Polar Express theme. If you have any ideas of how I should decorate or any of that? Or any ideas at all... they are welcome. All I know so far is I'm going to have people dress up and there will be a hot chocolate bar.

Tonight I had a girls night with Liz and Steph. I ran into both of them with their husbands at the food truck roundup in September when I first got back from my trip and went with John. When I saw them that night I thought to myself... I miss hanging out with them, that needs to happen again. So... we finally made it happen. I mean, I had seen both of them since, but separately. It was so nice. We actually went to the food truck roundup and Liz and I both got a Korean bowl. YUM! I hadn't tried that one yet. Anyway, I just love those girls. It felt just like old times. I told them we should do it once a month and they agreed, so hopefully we can make that happen. I love keeping in touch with friends (as long as they are making the effort back). I have been blessed with good friends in my life. I may not get to hang out with all of them all of the time, but usually a new one comes along right when I need them (like Allison). She is the best. I'm really thankful for that.


Jessica Stark said...

You look great! What diet is it? I need to lose 15 pounds.

Liz Bailey said...

yay! That was so fun. and so yummy.

jamie hixon said...

Seriously, you are so photogenic and beautiful! I wish I had some of those genes, the photogenic ones seem to have skipped me.