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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Pumpkin Dinner Party - Take 6

I love fall and I love dinner parties, so I love my pumpkin dinner party tradition. This year we have had such amazing weather and the time didn't change until later, so I decided to hold it outside on the patio for the first time. 

I LOVED it. The ambiance was exactly how I imagined it and wanted it and all the food was so good.  Everything we had was a new recipe from Pinterest (which you will get the recipe for later) except for my traditional Sassy Salsa Pumpkin soup that I make every year. I made a second soup this year for the first time and I'm so glad that I did. LOVED it. So good. 

For now you can just see the spread. My roommates were nice and helped me make the dinner. On the menu we had: Sassy Salsa Pumpkin Soup, Pumpkin Curry Soup, Pumpkin Rolls, Pumpkin Trifle, Cranberry- Avocado Salad with pumpkin seeds AND for our fancy drink, Harry Potter World's Butter Beer (or something really similar). It was all SO good. And of course, the tradition is to eat the soup out of little pumpkins.

For the center piece, I thought it would be beautiful to do floating apples with tea lights. Cute for fall right? I Loved it. So pretty. Also thanks to Allison for buying all of those little pumpkins when we went to the pumpkin patch. 

Everyone that came to the dinner. 


Gary said...

It looks wonderful Tracy. When are you having your next theme dinner, I'll consider crashing it.

William said...

Wow Sis! It looks amazing! Nice job. You have a talent for parties :)

jamie hixon said...

You are so fancy! Just be a party planner already. I want you to throw a party for me one of these days.