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Monday, November 10, 2014

Fun Four Wheeling Adventure

Saturday (after Turkey Bowling) Allison, RJ, Jeremy and I headed up Hobble Creek Canyon to the Hyde home. Even though Brother Hyde is no longer in my Bishopric, we became buddies over the years that he was. Before he was released, he invited me and whoever I wanted to invite to come four wheeling (as I have many times before) and for a BBQ and to hang out in his new hot tub. With both of us being busy and or out of town... it took a while to set it up, but we finally made it happen on Saturday.

I decided to just have it be 4 of us. That way we could all go out on the four wheelers and not have to worry about how long each person was on and trading. We played on the four wheelers for a couple of hours. We explored the trails and were hoping to see some animals.. but no luck. Even though most everything was dead.. it was still fun and beautiful to go exploring around the mountains. They even had us take their dog Lou. She rode in the back with RJ and I and when we would stop, she would get out and run.... and run and run. She has an amazing amount of energy. It was fun to have her along on the adventure.

After we were done exploring and it was too dark to go any further, we went back to the Hyde home and Brother Hyde BBQed some chicken in his smoker for us. It was SOOOOO good. We brought the sides. We brought salad, corn, potato salad, corn bread and dessert. It was all so good.

If that were not enough, after getting full on a yummy dinner, the Hydes let us change and soak in their nice big hot tub.... which was so nice after getting cold on the four wheelers and being so cold the night before from camping. We soaked in there for an hour and a half. While we were in the hot tub, we talked about how going to the Hydes house was like going away to a cabin. Their house looks like a cabin and it is out in the middle of the canyon, you don't get any reception at their house. It's a nice get away without having to drive really far away.

It was a really fun night. BIG thank you to the Hydes. They are the best. So glad they let me come play still even though he is no longer in the bishopric. I just think the world of them.

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jamie hixon said...

That is so nice of them! And you look beautiful, as usual. So fun.