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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Spanish Fork Canyon Camping

Friday night, I went camping... even though I thought I would freeze. I didn't have any other plans, plus I wanted to hang out with my friends. When I blogged about my last camping trip, I thought it would be my last camping trip of the year... and it probably should have been.

I only say that because even though the days have been really nice... the nights and the mornings are super cold. Too cold to be sleeping outside if you ask me. The entire time we were there, I was cold... even standing next to the fire. Just a part of me would be kind of warm then. I wanted all of me to be warm. All night I was just counting down until an hour that was socially acceptable to go to bed. I was tired, but I mostly wanted to be warm in my sleeping bag. We started laughing after a while because I kept checking the time and when I thought like 15 minutes had gone by, it had really only been 5 minutes. I gave in and went to bed around 10:45.

I knew that I would still be cold in my sleeping bag even though I brought warm clothes and double socks and a zero degree sleeping bag. Allison taught me camping trip that has changed my life. You boil water and put it in your water bottle and then you screw the lid on tight and you put it at the bottom of your sleeping bag. As soon as I got into my sleeping bag with the warm water bottle, I knew I was going to be able to sleep. I now have a quality sleeping pad that is comfy and holds in the heat... so I sleep pretty comfortable now... with warm feet... I can REALLY sleep while camping now! It warmed up my entire sleeping bag and my feet as usually the only part of me that I can't get completely warm... not this time! I was warm. It was AMAZING. It stayed warm the entire night. I slept pretty well. Only woke up twice. I will probably use that camping trick... like every time I go camping. I was the first to get in bed and fall asleep and the last to wake up and get out. I knew as soon as I got out of my sleeping bag I was going to be freezing again... and I was right. However... I did it anyway and joined my friends and the boys made breakfast... pancakes and bacon that they flipped with an axe. ha ha.

I still had fun, but I probably won't go camping again until summer... unless I travel to somewhere warmer to go camping. I wouldn't be against that... but not in the mountains in Utah. TOO COLD!!! I'm glad that we didn't go too far to go camping. That is the great thing about Utah... so many great places to go that are not too far away, but make you feel like you are. I love the outdoors.

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jamie hixon said...

I'm so glad you got some sleep, cold feet all night would drive me CRAZY! And flipping pancakes with a axe? Hilarious, and also genius.