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Friday, November 7, 2014

Mimi Knowles

I think I'm done with Flashback Friday's. I just am tired of trying to figure out what to flashback to and think about if I have already done it or not. It lasted a while... so it was fun while it lasted.

I wrote about this in my confessions yesterday, but decided to just post about it.

While I was in Europe, John went to Sammy's and saw Mimi Knowles for the first time and thought he was the coolest. Since then he has wanted to see him perform again. Last Saturday he was performing at Velour... which is practically right down the street from me. John called me up and asked me if I wanted to go with him. John knows I love music and am always up for that sort of thing and I happened to not have any plans that night, so we went. We had to sit through some other not so great bands... but we had a seat, so that was good. We just joked about how much we didn't like the other bands and laughed our way through them. When Mimi Knowles came on stage, I could tell right away why John loved him and why anyone would. I couldn't get the smile off of my face watching him. He has such a great stage presence and of course also a lot of talent. His music is fun and catchy and I love that he just starts rapping and is really good at it. You can go to his website here and find out more about him and listen to his stuff.

I would go see him again if the opportunity presents itself. He's great. John and I had a blast... as we always do.

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jamie hixon said...

I've never heard of Mimi Knowles, and by that name I would have guessed it was a girl. Ha!