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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

New Orleans

I flew to Texas to visit Allyson, but our main weekend event was a road trip to New Orleans. It is only 5 hours from Houston and I have always wanted to go and explore New Orleans, so Allyson agreed and we went. We didn't really have any plans once we got there, we just figured we would figure it out when we got there. Which we did. 

We arrived Friday night. We found a hotel to stay in that night that was close to the main part of the city. We checked in and then went out to explore the New Orleans night life. It felt like Vegas... every where you walk was a party. Everyone drinking. Hanging beads everywhere. It was kind of fun. We found a place to eat. I was excited to try Southern food. I tried fried Mac and Cheese. It didn't sound that appealing, but it was surprisingly very good. We had a lot of fun just hanging out and talking with strangers. Everyone is so friendly there.

We didn't stay out too late... I guess we are getting old. We went to bed so we could get up and enjoy the next day and not feel like we had a hangover from staying out all night. So we got up and set out to explore the city and see what it was like during the day.

First we needed to get the famous pastries at Cafe Du Monde. We stood in a long line for them. It reminded me of standing in line to get Butter Beer at Harry Potter World. Like the Butter Beer, it was worth it. 

After that we spent a lot of time walking around, going in shops, looking at art and watching street performers. There were so many of them. I also just loved taking in how beautiful it was. Not only was it a beautiful day (while it was snowing back home) but it is a beautiful and charming city. 

We also ate more. I mean... I had to try all of that famous New Orleans food. We ended up going to Antoine's and getting the New Orleans sample platter so we could try the Gumbo, Jambalaya, red beans and shrimp. Also came with bread pudding. All of it was good. 

And really... that was all we did in New Orleans. I was totally satisfied with that. I love exploring new cities and just taking them in. Experiencing the food and the culture and the architecture. And that is what we did. Along with that... New Orleans has some amazing talent when it comes to music. We saw so many great bands performing on the streets while we walked around. Being a music lover... I can't get enough of that. 

Allyson and I have gone on some great adventures in the past... Hanging out in St. George, rappelling down a waterfall in American Fork Canyon, staying out all night in Vegas, backpacking to Havasupai... now we have road tripping from Texas and exploring New Orleans to add to our fun little adventures. Allyson is an amazing friend and I love that she is always up for fun. She really took care of me over the weekend and we had such a great time talking about life... the good and the bad and learning from each other and being there for each other. Love that girl and look forward to our next adventure.


jamie hixon said...

FUN! I haven't been to NoLa in forever. I also went pre-Katrina, so it is probably really different. You seem like you got all the good food. I don't think I had anything bad there, actually. There didn't used to be a line at Cafe du Monde, I remember sitting inside there with Charlene. I've tried to make beignets at home, and it just doesn't compare.

William said...

I was wondering where you went. Looks like a nice time. That food looks gross to me, but, I haven't ever had a strong desire for southern food. Glad you enjoyed it all :)and got to see your friends! See you in a few days!!!