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Saturday, March 22, 2014

6th Year Blogiversary

Thursday was my 6th year Blogiversary. What? I have been blogging for a long time. Can't believe it has been another year. Where has time gone? I do so much every year... but at the same time feel like I haven't really progressed either.

Well, as is tradition... here is a recap on my past blog year.

1- Went to the Festival of Colors for the 7th year in a row
2- Hiked in Zion's for the 1st time with a bunch of friends in my ward
3- Went to Bryce Canyon for the first time
4- Went to the Shania Twain concert in Vegas with Lolly, Alethea & Ivette
5- Went on a cruise to the Western Caribbean with Steph (Cozumel Mexico, Roatan Honduras & Canyon Islands)
6- Swam with Dolphins (Bucket List Item)
7 - Played with Sting Ray's
8- Made lots of crafts with different friends
9- Said goodbye to my roommates I loved and got new roommates. In fact I have had 7 roommates in the past year
10- Saw Joshua Radin in concert twice
11- Sang withe the Ben Bailey and the BB Bandits Band at the Velour
12- Planted another Garden
13- Visited my sister Jamie in Arizona
14- Hung out with Ashley while I was there and went to the Lake and a Ghost Town
15- Started the program Take Shape for Life and lost 50... and still loosing
16 - Went Four Wheeling at Cascade Springs for work
17- Ran my first half marathon (without training)
18- Rode the Front Runner for the first time
19- Went to the Strawberry days Rodeo
20- Held my 4th summer annual fort week
21- Was in a commercial for work
22- Went to the Scottish Festival
23- One of my best friend's Steve got married and I attended the ceiling in the St George temple with my other besties Brad and Nate
24- We to Dinkey Creek with some of my family for the first time in 8 years
25- Sang a duet in church with my friend Ty
26- Hit a deer for the first time
27- Went to the Salmon Supper for the second time
28- Had a Patio dinner party with some friends
29- Visiting with my sweet cousin Andrea for the first time in MANY years
30- Was an extra in a movie with my friend Daniel
31- Went to Indiana and Michigan for the first time to visit my cousin Travis
32- Rode in dune buggies at Lake Michigan
33- Went fishing, made it into the Bass Slayers Club
34- Went camping
35- Went to the Rooftop Concert for the first time
36- Met John and we dated for 6 months
37- Made another trip to Vegas to visit my BFF Lolly
38- Saw Michael Jackson ONE show in Vegas
39- Went on the full moon ski lift ride for the second time with John. (A romantic date)
40- Went to the Spanish Fork Hot Springs
41- Played Frisbee Golf for work
42- Went to the Imagine Dragon's Concert with my roommate for free
43- Met BFF Nate's new baby Oliver
44- Went to the Matt Nathanson concert
45- Went to the Josh Groban concert for the second time, this time with my mom and sister
46- Went to the pumpkin patch for the first time in YEARS
47- Went to the corn maze again
48- Dressed up and went to a Halloween party with John
49- FINALLY got to go to Havasupai. It was Amazing
50- Put on another Halloween dinner for the kids
51- Went to Key's on Main (dueling piano bar) where my neighbor plays  for the first time
52- Hosted my first couch surfer
53- My nephew Calvin was born (and I took his newborn pictures)
54- Went to Southeast Asia with a few friends (Vietnam, Cambodia & Thailand)
55- Saw Angkor Wat
56- Rode an elephant bareback
57- Snuggled with a Tiger
58- Went to the floating lantern festival in Northern Thailand
59- Went Scuba diving in Thailand
60- Rode in a tuk tuk
61- Took a river boat in Vietnam while wearing pointy Vietnamese hats
62- Went to a free Leanne Rimes concert with some friends
63- My sweet niece Sierra got baptized
64- My cute nephew Ezra was born
65- Spent the Holiday's with John and did festive things like make Gingerbread houses and visited Temple Square to see the Christmas lights
66- Went shooting with John a couple of times. Shot my first moving clay pigeons
67- Had a girls sleep over complete with dinner, mocktails, crafts and a breakfast tea party
68- Saw the Ice Castles for the first time with John
69- My good friend and old roommate Meg got married
70- Had my second bi-annual Winter Fort Week
71- Became a Reefer (bought a 29 gallon salt water tank)
72- Went snow tubing with John and other friends from the ward
73- Hiked to Donut Falls
74- Visited Arizona with my ENTIRE family for Ezra's baby blessing
75- Went to the Gilbert Temple open house
76- Went Ice fishing for the first time with work and then a second time with friends (same week)
77- Went snow shoeing for the first time
78- Snow shoe trip to sleep in a yurt in Northern Utah with a group of friends
79- Went to a BYU basket ball game with my BFF neighbor
80- Celebrated 5 years at Novell and got a $200 bonus
81- Went to Zion's for the second time and hiked Angles Landing!
82- Blog has 74 followers and has been viewed 156,932 times

Thank you blog for helping me express myself and helping me to love and document and appreciate my life and share it with others. It's been a good year. Here's to another good year. Happy Birthday Blog!

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jamie hixon said...

You have an awesome life.