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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 21

In the month of March, I made a goal to blog everyday that month. I think there were only one or two days in that month that I actually had to try hard to think of something to post. NOW I have more posts in a month than there are days. I am not totally caught up right now. I still have recipes that I have made that I want to post and so on a so forth. But now I am wondering if I post too much. I wonder if I should make a goal to see if I can only post once or twice a week. Then again, its my journal and if I do that... then I will stop documenting what is going on and it is fun for me to go back and read some of these posts. The only reason I even bring this up is because .... even though this is my journal and I shouldn't care what other people think about it, I don't want people to get bored with me. With the exception of my last post of the amazing dress my sister made for me, I don't really get a lot of comments. I shouldn't think comments on my blog are a big deal, but when I don't get comments, I feel like people are not reading, or its not interesting. I also feel like comments are half the fun of a blog. Every time I log on and I see that I have a new comment, its like a present at Christmas. Wondering what its going to say and who its going to be from. Makes me feel special. I do realize that I post EVERYDAY and sometimes more than once a day and that not everyone is going to leave comments everyday (unless your my family, then I kind of expect it and am way sad when its not there) *Side note* I love that some of my friends know who my mom is and my sisters Jamie & Lori because of all the comments they leave on my blog. SO, I don't want to become boring AND I don't want to be addicted either. I don't feel like I am. I mean... I don't put blogging as a priority above anything else... I just do it when I have time, but I happen to have a few minutes of down time everyday. I don't want to become obsessed either... which is why I maybe should take a blogging break? I don't know. Just thoughts that I have had. I am not going to lie, I do enjoy it. It is another way for me to socialize..... and I AM a social butterfly.

Speaking of being social, this last weekend was one of a few times I wished that I could clone myself and be lots of different places at the same time. Don't get me wrong, I am glad that I went to Newport Beach and spent the weekend with some of my best friends, but after hearing about the fun people had in my ward, and the fun my friends and family had back home... I wished I was there too. I just hate missing out on anything. I was the kid that was put to bed at bedtime every night but was always so sad I was missing out on fun with the people who got to stay up later. Why do I care so much? Speaking of, I am going to be feeling the same way this weekend. I have fun plans going out of town (again) with my friends, which I am excited for, but I am going to be missing out on my Grandma's 80th birthday party in AZ that a lot of my family and extended family is going to. I didn't find out soon enough to make it into my plans. Sadness.

I love to travel... A LOT... but I have been doing so much of it lately, that going on the next trip is not as exciting. All the trips are blending together because I have been gone every weekend and I don't have enough time to recover from my last trip in order to get pumped about my next trip. After this weekend I will get some time to chill at home. In no way does that mean I will not be busy with fun plans, I just won't be going out of town for the fun. I am still looking forward to some big trips ahead.

On another note. I feel like a reptile. Why you ask? Remember how I got super sunburned this weekend and looked like a raccoon? Well... now I look like a lizard shedding my skin. Its kind of gross actually. One of my co-workers even pointed it out on my back today. Yuck. Too bad I don't have my mom and Jamie here to peel the skin off for me. They used to like that.... see who could peel off the biggest piece. ha ha.


Todd and Christianne said...

ewww...sorry that picture is kinda gross...lol! I really like your posts. Todd and I were just talking about how cool it is that you write everyday. I know what you mean about being excited to get comments...haha! Usually you are the first one to comment on my blog and that always makes me feel good that someone is actually reading what I post. Thanks for friendshipping Todd over there at Novell. Oh! And I have to say that dress is so darn cute! Where can i get one? :-)

rachel v. said...

If it makes you feel any better I read ALL of your posts! Lately I have been totally out of my routine and a lot of the days where I quickly read what you wrote I think to myself that I had time to comment on every post :) so don't worry! I am always surprised when random people tell me they're reading my blog, I don't get many comments either, but I just figure lots of people are reading so I better keep on writing! So don't stop, I love what you write!
ps I love that dress too, gorgeous :)

Jessica Stark said...

Be careful in the sun! I just got a skin cancer removed. I know, gross, huh? I too enjoy reading your blog. I read it every day, I just suck at leaving comments. I will try to be better at that!

flux biota. said...

that photo almost made me puke!

jamie hixon said...

Yeah, that picture is nasty. I don't remember being a fan of peeling your skin off, but I'm not surprised. I was always fascinated with gross things.

I would say, blog as much as you want. Like you said, it is for you. If you feel like taking a small break, then take a break. If you feel like blogging, go for it. And a lot more people read your blog than the comment section would suggest.

Dallas and Kirsten said...

I don't think you should stop blogging or slow down the blogging. I know that I'm not on here alot, especially with all the summer travels, but I know that I LOVE reading all your past blogs and catching up on your thoughts and adventures! I'll be better about commenting, but your blog helps me feel closer to you, which I miss so much being so far away! I love ya! Oh and by the way...that picture was NASTY! Please tell me that wasn't you being peeled!?

Bre said...

totally understand about the comments. I love getting comments too, and I rarely ever do. (You are one of the only ones that consistently comments...so THANK YOU!) And the hypocritical part is that i RARELY comment. I think it's cuz i use google reader and I'm not directly on the blog (and I bet this is most people's reasons too). Just know I love reading your posts. For a stay at home mama, it's always something to look forward too!

William said...

I don't think that picture is gross at all!?! Anyway- I love reading your blog and since it is your journal... you really shouldn't dwell on the comments, just the consistency of writing and you are amazing at that!
We missed you this weekend in AZ, but just to clear you up- it was only her 79 birthday... so the BIG party will be next year :) You didn't miss it!
Love you- Lori