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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 24

Sometimes I wish...

Life were fair
Money DID grow on trees
The grass was not always greener on the other side
Some of my friends were better at keeping in touch
I was not so sensitive
I could go back to being a kid
I had more excuses to dress up in costumes
Plane tickets were not so expensive
Cars were not so high maintenance
More people would go to counseling
That a broken heart didn't hurt so bad
That love wasn't so hard to find
Relationships (family, friendships, spouses, etc..) were not so complicated
That families were not torn apart
That winter didn't last so long
I was a morning person
I liked roller coasters
I liked running (then maybe I would enjoy it more when I went)
That people that needed help would let you help them
I was married
I had kids
Chocolate made you thinner
That I would be happy with my body and didn't have to worry about my weight
That I liked veggies more
 Fruit didn't go bad so fast
That the weekends were longer than the weekdays
There were more hours in a day
I could split myself and be in more than one place at a time
I had an unlimited gift card to itunes and get all the music I want
I had a stylist that would help me get ready every morning (pick out my outfit, do my hair & make up)
I was a better site (music) reader
Life were musical (I would love to sing and dance out my joys and sorrows)
I lived closer to my family
I understood people more
I could always turn lemons into lemonade
I was a better person
I understood the male brain
I could see into the future
People would stop telling me to go on a mission or asking me why I didn't go
People would stop judging me on the amount of education that I decided to get
Photography wasn't such an expensive hobby (I still love it)
People couldn't get away with bad things
I didn't crave sweets
I would run into the "Take Home Chef" at the grocery store and he would come home with me and cook for me and my friends.
Life and love really happened like it does in the movies
I had money to go shopping every weekend (and a huge walk in closet to put everything in)
I wasn't so hard on myself
I enjoyed reading more than I do (so that I would do it a lot more than choose other things over it)
I could be a model
I could be a recording artist
I could have my way
I was good at sewing
I could be on "What Not To Wear" and get a $5000 shopping spree in NYC
I had an easier time making decisions
Bad experiences didn't take so long to heal from
I was a better flirt
I could tan instead of burn and peel
I had longer eyelashes
I could speak another language fluently
I could play more instruments
There were more guys in my ward
I wish that I didn't wish things and that I was totally and completely happy with the way things are, but that's life right? I'm not unhappy, just wish things were different sometimes.


Caytlin said...

I like your list. I've been having an "I wish" week too. I'm glad I'm not the only one :) Here's to hoping some of the wishes come true sooner rather than later.

Dallas and Kirsten said...

I just left you a voicemail and would love to talk if you get the chance. I love you and have many of your same wishes.

William said...

That is quite the list Tracy... I wish we lived closer together too & that traveling wasn't so expensive.
Looking forward to seeing you in a few days! :) Love you- Lori

jamie hixon said...

Most of your wishes are my wishes too. It is interesting that humans all seem to want similar things.

rachel v. said...

I wish... I was as good of a blogger as you :)