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Monday, July 26, 2010

FHE Block

You have heard of writers block. Well, I have had FHE block. Usually I am full of good ideas for FHE, but lately... nothing. It probably has to do with the fact that I am gone pretty much every weekend. It would probably help a little more if my FHE partner was also not gone every weekend. But alas, we are travelers. So Sunday night comes and I say to myself... "Dang, Monday again already? What should I plan for FHE?" Thankfully, we already have a sheet of people signed up to give the lesson, but I still need to think of fun activities if I want people to show up every week.

Today, I text my partner and asked him what we should do. He said he wasn't going to be there. This made me even less motivated to plan something. Work was busy, so my creative thinking was not there. I got home, went on a run hoping to be inspired. Nothing. So I looked up ideas online. The ideas online were amusing, but not helpful. Can I just share with you some of the ideas they suggested online for family home evening activities?
Okay, here are some of my favorites from mormonshare.com top 100 FHE ideas:

#1- Collect rain in containers and use it to wash your hair, put in mom’s iron, water the houseplants, or put in your car battery
#2- Do a rain dance
#3- Dress up and act out a story from the Bible or Book of Mormon
#4- Have a family slumber party (that would be a great one for a singles ward ha!)
#5- Climb a tree
#6- Start a family collection
#7- Build a fort

Number 1 & 2 were my personal favorites.

So... after the lesson I gave the group 3 options of what we could do for our activity.

#1 - We could read all the ideas online that I found and laugh at them
#2- We could catch bugs to feed to my salamanders
#3- We could play "Things" which is my new favorite game that Brad & Lauren introduced me to. I don't actually have the game, but you can still play.

So most everyone picked #3 and we actually had a lot of fun playing it. I think that is why I love that game so much. It can get pretty funny. So even with no plan, we still had fun together. That is a good sign, but I am still looking for creative and fun things to do for FHE (especially since my partner is leaving soon and I don't know when I will get a new one.

So any fun/ creative ideas are welcome!


Andrea said...

oh fhe and coming up with new ideas each week. it sucks the life out of you.
i don't even remember some of the ones that my group did.
lets see. . .
movie clip night. everyone brings their favorite movie clip.
FHE Love CD - favorite Cheesey love songs (we did it at valentines)
We made shakes.
what else did we do. tag football i believe?
Abby once did a sweatin' to teh oldies night. i about died from laughing so hard.
i think she also did a star wars themed fhe.
it's hard to think of something new and creative. as you can tell i didn't do so well at it.
good luck.

Jeanna said...

I still love the Idea of collecting rain water and using it to wash your hair.....maybe next week for FHE?

jamie hixon said...

Yeah... good luck with that.
We use the same little laminated animals to teach lessons about not hitting and being obedient every week. We didn't even have FHE tonight, but sometimes we just go with Tuesday or Wednesday.

jamie hixon said...

Oh, and guess what?!? I found the lavender randomly in my car. I thought I had searched the car pretty well... apparently not well enough!

T-Ray said...

What? I knew you would find it eventually. Save it for next time.... whenever that is. :o)

Dallas and Kirsten said...

Did you explain the game "Things" on your blog before? I'm not sure what it is. I don't envy the FHE days. I swear I had that calling for years and I have to admit my creativity was only a fraction of what yours is!