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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Make New Friends, but Keep the Old!

One is silver, the other is gold!

Tonight, after going to tutoring, I got together with Veda and Katie! In my opinion, I don't see these girls enough. We live so close, but then will go so long without seeing each other. I love them though. We all know each other so well, its so good to get together, catch up and pour out our souls to each other since we know each other so well and then be there for each other to support and uplift one another. We went to get ice cream (which is always good for the soul) and then we happened to run into Kendra, also a friend from back home. I love it! I love seeing all my friends from Santa Barbara because it makes it seem like I am not so far away from home. We had a great time. I hope this will be happening more often (hint hint).
Thanks girls for always being amazing friends for the past 15+ years! It is so nice to have that understanding, love and support. You mean a lot to me!


politicchic6 said...

I read your blog at work, and sometimes my computer makes it do crazy things (ie makes it hard to read because the back ground over laps the text! CURSES!

Lynette Mills said...

Nice to see you all together.

Katie H. said...

That was so fun!!! What a cute pic!

Mom said...

Love this pic! What cute girls! (This is Estella.)