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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Medallion Manor

Today we had a ward activity at Medallion Manor. It is a home for adults with mental and physical handicaps. I have been once before when we passed out cards to them. So I was excited to go back today. They just LOVE visitors. They get so excited to talk to you and shake your hand and hug you. They are just so loving and crave that love in return. I should go more often to visit them. My friends Rob and Chris (brothers) go just about every Sunday.

We spent two hours with them today. We first had a pizza party with them. Who doesn't love pizza right? So everyone from our ward that came to help out went around and served pizza and drinks to everyone. They asked me to take pictures, so I was doing a lot of that, but Bradley (the flirty resident that I had mentioned from the last time we went there) wanted me to sit by him and put his arm around me, winked at me, touched my leg, etc.. it cracks me up how smooth he thinks he is.

After the pizza party we went out side to play games. We had a water balloon toss, donut eating game, there was a pinata, bubbles........ and I was in charge of.......

FACE PAINTING!!! (The pictures below are just a few that I did)
*Disclaimer- This was my first time face painting, and it didn't spend a lot of time on each one because there was a long line of impatient residents that had a hard time sitting still for me*
That being said, I had fun doing it, they loved it and it was pretty fun.

I am sad that we didn't have a better turn out from our ward. I feel like it is so fun and rewarding to do service.... which is why I also go tutor every week.  I had a great time at Medallion Manor and hope to be back soon!


Jeanna said...

I think you did an amazing job with the face painting!They just loved you. :)

T-Ray said...

They also thought I was pregnant, so I don't know how credible they are. ha ha