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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Cowgirl Photoshoot

Remember this photo of the week? I told you it was a preview of the photo shoot. Well, I am now posting the photo's. It is a little funny because I am not a cowgirl at all. I don't even really like country music, but its always fun to dress up all the same.

This time we had a smaller group. Just two cameras and 3 people this time. I was excited to try out my new 50mm lens. Love it, I see a huge difference in my pictures... and I even got the cheaper 50mm. I will have to save up to get the fancy lens's later. For now I am having fun with this one.
P.S. All of these and more are posted on facebook if you have not already seen them.

The Cowgirl Models / Photographers




Pictures taken of me by Sarah Hall

Some of the pictures that I took that I think turned out awesome

Until the next photo shoot....


Lorelie said...

If your blog had a "like" button, then I would like this post :) That was a FUN photoshoot and we should do another one soon!

rachel v. said...

gorgeous! I love the picture you took of the guitar's fret board- great perspective :)

Bre said...

gorgeous photos! So talented.

Kel said...

presh. love the guitar shots.