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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Going the Extra Mile

I really have awesome friends. Some just go the extra mile, and it makes me happy.  For example...

This last Friday, I was going to be "sick" so I could go on a trip. I usually don't need to call in sick to take a weekend trip, but my boss said I couldn't go, cause it was too close to quarter end. The couple days leading up to my "sick" day were slow. THEN I found out quarter end was not even going to officially start until Wednesday. I no longer felt bad for my "sick" day. Except for the lie part. Anyway, my friends were so sweet to think of me on Friday and write me on facebook to tell me they are sorry that I was sick and to get better. Isn't that sweet? Oh Thursday, before I was even "sick" my good friend Jeanne brought over a home made card. A get well soon card. I'm going to bring it to work tomorrow to put on display in my office. Seriously... my friends are awesome.

So, since my boss said no to the trip and being "sick" on Monday also would be too obvious that I went on the trip anyway. I bought a one way flight home from this trip (that I will blog about as soon as I get the pics from everyone) for Sunday night so I could be back to work Monday morning. I asked my friend good friend Jeanna if she would be so kind to pick me up from the airport so late at night. She gladly accepted. As if I hadn't asked her for enough already, I called her on Friday also asking her if she would water my flowers while I was gone since Tina was out of town too. She not only said she would, but she also said she was going to ask me if I had anyone doing that for me.
Jokingly, I also asked her to take care of my salamanders and catch some bugs to feed them while I was gone. I really was joking when I asked her to do this. While I was gone Jeanna & Mieka caught spiders and grasshoppers to feed to the Salamanders. She also figured out that the two big salamanders ate the little salamander. RIP little guy.  (is she awesome or what?)

So tonight I fly home from my trip. Jeanna and Mieka were right on time. I see something on the hood of Jeanna's car, but I couldn't see it that well as she drove by. Then Jeanna pops out of the car and holds up a sign that says "Welcome back T-Ray" and shows me the hood of her car

I told her that totally made my day. Nobody had ever done something like that for me before. But it wasn't over yet. I got in the car and they put down my arm rest that had a cup holder. Jeanna then read off the time and temperature (like they do on a flight) Then Mieka turns around and offers me a choice of two different beverages and ice. She hands me the napkin, cup, ice and drink of choice, JUST like on a flight.

I thought that was awesome, but it still wasn't done. The joy and amusement continued. She then offers me my choice of snack. They somehow even had delta peanuts as a choice. We then chatted the rest of the way home, I still didn't expect anything else to come, but right before we drove into our neighborhood, Jeanna read off the time and temperature again and then Mieka pulled out a piece of paper and started reading. What was she reading? What they say to you at the end of a flight. You know... thanks for flying, please keep your seat belts fastened until we come to a full and complete stop and hope that you will fly with them again soon. I was laughing. It was the greatest thing ever. Never in my life has someone been so creative with my ride home from the airport. Thanks Jeanna and Mieka! You are the best! Not only for doing me a favor while I was gone, but for the best ride home from the airport I have EVER had!

I have AWESOME friends!


Melissa Suzanne said...

What a super fun thing for them to do! I'm sure it did make you feel special.

P.S. Does your boss know you have a blog? Let's just say, I know from experience that more people know about personal blogs than we would think . . .

Lynette Mills said...

ha ha... I was just thinking the same thing Tracy. Hope he doesn't read this.

T-Ray said...

Ha ha... Don't worry guys, I have thought about this. All of my co-workers know I have a blog, and nobody reads it unless I point them to it to show them something. So... I'm not too worried. :o)

jamie hixon said...

I was thinking that too! About your boss, I mean.
And you have some pretty awesome friends.

whitty said...

So cute!! Props to you for another weekend adventure :)

rachel v. said...

that is so sweet! and cute!

what a great idea :)