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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas at Riverwoods

The Riverwoods is a classy outdoors shopping center with some fancy restaurants. It actually reminds me a lot of Santa Barbara because that is what all of our shopping is like. We don't have indoor shopping malls. The Riverwoods has been there for a while, they always put up Christmas lights, however this last year they remodeled a little. Along with that they decided to go all out for Christmas... so now there are TONS of lights. We decided to go and check it out.

It was FREEZING!! And since we went too late (on our way to karaoke at Applebees) and nothing was open, we couldn't get hot chocolate... so we went straight for the heat lamps!! Ha ha, we loved that they have them everywhere. *These pictures made me laugh*

They also have a large stage area now where bands can come and perform. Jason took the stage... but he sadly did not perform for us.

They also have water fountains and fire pits everywhere. Each with a different design. We visited lots of those too. We saw one group roasting marshmallows at one of them. Brilliant!

But my favorite thing there is Santa's house. It has a cute tree inside that kids have written notes to Santa and put them on the tree, there is a fireplace with fire going and cute stockings hanging. It is just super cute.

If you are in the area and have not checked out the Riverwoods yet, go do it! You won't regret it. 


Lynette Mills said...

Looks pretty and very cold.

jamie hixon said...

I think it is funny that they would still have the heat lamps on and the fire going with everything closed. If I were homeless, I would live there. In Santa's house.