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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 95

Being home in Santa Barbara was wonderful. The weather was great, I got lots of sleep, I got to play with my nephews, spend time with my sister and see some old friends. Great weekend that I wish would have lasted longer. My friend Cherry and I have a tradition that every time I come home to visit, we go see a movie together. We decided to go see the new Muppet movie. I actually thought it was cute, but I have always been a fan of the Muppets.

My mom and I drove back to Utah on Monday and instead of jamming out to music, my mom got some audio books by my request in hopes that it would help me reach one of my goals by the end of the year. We listened to "The Last Lecture" which I thought was wonderful and inspiring and we listened to "Seeking Persephone" which was a Beauty and the Beast type love story. Both great and really did help the drive seem faster.

When I got home on Monday night it was a party at my house. My roommates were home, Vicki came over, James came over to see me and eat a late dinner together and Jason (in the ward) came over to give me an early Christmas present. (Possible guy story entry later... have not decided yet). It was fun to come home to that. It was nice to socialize and be entertained after sitting in a car for 9 hours. James was even playing with fire. I video taped that... so I may have to post that later. ha ha.

Coming back to Utah it was VERY cold. Just not okay. Tuesday morning I tried turning on my car... and it wouldn't start. Luckily my neighbor (Stan the man with the winning smile) was home and he also happens to be my home teacher and he was able to jump my car so that I could go to work. I thought that after it warmed up during the day that my car would be fine... but the cold killed my battery and when I left work once again it wouldn't start. This time it was my dad to the rescue. He is the best. Now my car has a new battery.

My ear infection came back when I got back from my trip too. What is up with that? Is it one of those things that once you have had it once it is easier for it to come back again? I hope not. Thankfully I realized what it was sooner than last time AND I had left over medication from when I had it in July. So I had it for a few days... but it is gone again now. Thank goodness.

Tonight we had dinner as roommates (which includes Vicki, our adopted roommate) and we also invited Jason and James (as if Monday was not awkward enough). We had Indian food, which I LOVE and watched Love Actually (the edited version... which cuts the movie down about an hour). I love our little dinner parties. I miss cooking for people and having people over. It needs to happen more often.

Can Guys and Girls JUST be friends? That is the question. This video was going around facebook the other day. I watched it thinking... of course this was totally just changed for that one guys view. Video a bunch and take out the ones that don't prove your point and leave in the ones that do... I just didn't believe it because I have had so many guys that have been friends. I just wasn't convinced with this video so when my friend Tara and I were at Walmart, we asked 5 different guys in Walmart if guys and girls could just be friends and 4 out of 5 said no. This proved the video was true. This changed my world! The more I thought about it... the more I realized how true it was. Of course there are always exceptions... but for the most part I think this is the case. One of the guys we stopped and asked in Walmart (the Chemist) gave us a long explanation why. Guys don't want to just become friends with a girl unless there is interest there. The only time guys and girls are just good friends is because they have spent enough time together for him to know that they are not compatible and he is fine with continuing to be friends. It was very interesting to think about. It made me think about all of my friendships with guys in the past (not the acquaintances but the ones you hang out with all the time) and when I really think about it, I think that they did probably like me. The more I have talked to people and thought about this, the more I have thought it was true.

After watching this video... and from your own experience... what do you think? Can guys and girls just be friends?


Jessica Stark said...

Go Utah State! I also agree men and women can't just be friends. Unless the man is gay! :)

Tara said...

Hahaha so funny and so true!

Lori said...

Sorry that Utah is so cold. Glad you had so many people to welcome you home though :)Except maybe the akward part...it's a tricky thing to be just friends with guys. It's one reason that marraige is such an adjustment- giving up those "friendships" you had with the oppisite sex.

THE LIZARD'S said...

what??? that is hilarious..that video was so funny! I guess guys and girls are so differnt...oh man..everyone should watch that video!!!

Bre said...

on rare occassions, YES, guys and girls can be just friends. Case in point, Preston Peterson and I were besties for almost a year with absolutely NO romantic interest on either part. We did TONS of stuff together and never once did either of us have interest. (It probably helps that I am half a foot taller than him!)

jamie hixon said...

Aw, that is so great that you had a fun (if slightly awkward) homecoming. And I'm jealous that you were in SB, of course.
I don't know if you should tell a guy story about a guy that might read your blog, but I want to hear it for sure!
I have never seen Love Actually. I need a movie filtering system of some kind. There are a lot of movies I want to see.
About guys and girls being just friends... I think it is POSSIBLE, but not PROBABLE. I think at least one person is going to have a level of attraction at some point. This is why you don't have guy friends after you get married. That was an adjustment for me!
Amy needs to see this video.

Lynette Mills said...

very interesting Tracy... good conversation could come from that video.

Kayleigh said...

I thought the video is biased... I get along with guys better than girls, so I definitely think guys & girls can be just friends. Although there may be some underlying attraction, they can still be friends.