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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas at Thanksgiving Point

My roommates and I are really wanting to be super festive this year. We are trying to think of all the Christmasy things we could do during this month. I suggested Thanksgiving Point... because I know they do lights and I have never been. Saturday night we checked that off of our list.

We did a little drive through with the lights... which was short, but very cute.

We didn't want to drive all the way up there to look at lights for 10 minutes and then go home... so we got out, found out they had reindeer and went to visit them.

Saw a legit snowflake ice sculpture.

Stood by the fire to get warm.

Went inside to get Hot Chocolate Floats (with vanilla & peppermint ice cream) YUMM!!!

And the place was so cute decked out for Christmas that I had to take some pictures.

And then we left. It was a fun roommate bonding. I heart my roommates. I heart Christmas.


flux biota. said...

awww, I love reindeer. Super festive night! when are you going to make some homemade ornaments? i'll bet they'd be pretty.

jamie hixon said...

Oh, that is awesome. And you look so pretty! I love the ice sculpture, that is really going all out.

Lori said...

I'm always amazed when you say you haven't done something yet! WILLIAM wanted to type his name :)