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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 94

I can't believe it is December. This year flew by. Like I said in a previous post, I resist Christmas during the month of November. I want to enjoy fall for as long as possible. I need a break between Halloween and Christmas. I like to appreciate and celebrate Thanksgiving. I need that month to accept that another year is coming to a close and yet again I'm not exactly where I thought I would be at the end of the year. It is December now though... so I say BRING ON CHRISTMAS.... like full force. I'm ready now.

To celebrate Christmas time today... my boss and manager took me and Paula out to a Thai lunch that was super delish. After lunch I went back to work for only a few more hours before I drove to Mapleton to meet up with my mom to leave for California. But that last hour or so of work... James came to visit me at work and stayed up in my office and chatted with me while I worked. I think I have only had one other visitor at work... so it is a treat. I guess it is kind of a pain for people because you have to fill out a little form and get a guest badge to get in. It is fun for me though... James had gotten there and wanted to tell me an idea that he had and I mean I have an extra seat in my office, so why not come talk to me while I work. I love that he didn't care. I love that I can do that and my co-workers don't care... in fact they offered him a donut. In fact... I should have introduced him as Careless Whisper because they all would have known exactly who he was because of that one time he called me and everyone heard his ringtone. HA! Anyway... visitors are fun and it made my last hour go by quickly. Then the rest of the afternoon and night were spent driving with my mom. We listened to Christmas music almost the whole way there. I have a pretty impressive collection.

Last week, even though I was by myself the majority of the time (except for shout outs to Tara and Vicki for being extra awesome friends and having slumber parties at my house with me so that I wasn't a lone) it was so great to have time off AND be by myself because it forced me to be productive. I got like 95% of the things on my list done. Not too shabby. It was also nice just to have a break from work. This hardly ever happens because when I take time off it is to go on vacation. So I appreciated a little time to myself, but I was REALLY happy on Saturday night when people started coming back.

I have some friends that told me about this app on your phone called Skout. It basically lets you know about other local singles that are also on Skout. You can send little messages and pictures and what not. I never search anyone out and the only time I get on is when someone sends me a message... in which I usually read and don't respond. You are probably wondering why I have kept the app if I don't really use it. Well... I have found it to be quite entertaining. For example... I was with my friend Tara one night and I get a message from this guy telling me he thinks I'm cute. He happened to live in Alabama. Not sure how he looked me up. Occasionally that happens. Anyway, he asks me if I will send him pictures and I said I didn't have any so he started sending me some of him. The first one is of him with his shirt off in front of the mirror... taking a picture of himself with his phone. You know... the usual. Except he was a little chubby. The rest of the pictures he sent me was his face photoshopped on different body building bodies and the last picture was of a body building trophy. I just responded and said the pictures were fake. He laughed and said everyone always thinks that... but he just didn't spray tan his face to match his body the day of the competition. HA HA HA HA... it wasn't just the tan, his face didn't match the bodies. It was so funny. Tara and I were getting the biggest kick out of it. I also get a lot of great pick up lines on there.... like "Can I save your picture? I need to show Santa what I want for Christmas" or my favorite "You want a raisin? No? How about a date?". Yep, Skout is always good for a laugh.

I'm going to be pretty excited to go back home after my little weekend trip. Not that I will be excited to leave California at all... but I am going to be excited to see my house. That sounds silly... but my roommate Rachel is the bomb dot com and an interior designer and so when I get back, the house is going to be all decked out for Christmas. I feel bad that I was not able to help out, but I know it is going to look amazing. Don't worry, I will blog about it. I just am excited because I have Christmas decorations... but not enough to go all out, so this is going to be a special treat. I just know that I am never going to want to leave the house. I am just going to want to have the Christmas lights on and watch Christmas movies and drink hot chocolate next to the tree. Before I left.... the house smelled SO good because Rachel was making these cute ornaments to hang on the tree. I love it already. :o)


jamie hixon said...

Wow... I need to hire Rachel. I just spent a long time putting up Christmas decor, and some places I love, and dome places not so much. Oh well.

If I were you, I would introduce James as Sexy Sax Man.

If I were single, I would be too freaked out to go on Skout. But those pick up lines are pretty awesome.

Lynette Mills said...

cant wait to see the decorted house blog...

Kayleigh said...

I totally downloaded Skout after I read this. I've found some real winners! I have also had guys living a bagjllion miles away message me too. I don't respond. What's the point?!