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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 97

It has been a pretty good week. I got my eyelashes filled, Cheryl and I finally traded massages again (which was so overdue for me), I got my hair done (I love it... Nicole always does a fantastic job), celebrated my birthday with friends and family and the list goes on. It has been busy and good. Even though it has been good... it also has felt like everyday should have been Friday. I am ready for the weekend.

I am just about done with my Christmas shopping. Just a couple more things to get. I like giving gifts to people, however... Christmas shopping is not a fun experience for me. I try not to get angry and try to keep a smile and the Christmas spirit, but the crowds and the traffic really get to me. It can really stress me out. I think next year... I am going to try and think ahead and try to do most of my shopping online. That sounds so great to me.

My roommates and I have been watching Christmas movies like it's nobody's business. Not done yet... so I will probably make a list of all of them that we watched when we are done. I think this is the most I have ever fit into one Christmas season.

I posted this as my status on facebook but... I wonder the same thing every year. Who decided that "M favorite things" from the Sound of Music is a Christmas song. It honestly kind of gets on my nerves. The responses on that status were pretty funny though. Comment #1 It's a Christmas wish list? It's also why Santa has to check his list twice, after that disastrous year when he accidentally gave her raindrops on kittens and whiskers on strudels.  Comment #2 but seriously  Comment #3  It's not a Christmas wishlist at all, though. It's nice things to help you not be afraid of storms. I don't get it either. and my favorite... Comment #4  The one argument I've heard for it that kinda makes sense is that it DOES include a few essential ingredients of a Christmas song:

Snowflakes (that stay on my nose and eyelashes)
Silver-white winters (that melt into springs)
(Doorbells and) Sleigh bells (and schnitzel with noodles)
(bright copper kettles and) warm woolen mittens
brown paper packages tied up with strings
 please correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't apple strudel also associated with Christmastime?

However, there are also things that point to other seasons:
Geese migrate in the fall (which is when they would fly with the moon on their wings).
Raindrops on roses are most definitely NOT a winter phenomenon and, when paired with the kittens, seem to be an indicator of the spring into which the silver-white winter is melting. Stinging bees wouldn't be in evidence in the winter either but are more of a spring/summer occurrence.
In short, yes, I do take the question way too seriously. What are your thoughts on this?

My Grandma Mills moved to Utah last week. My dad went to go get her and help her back up. I am SO excited that I am going to get to see her ALL the time now. I could not be more happy about this. She was even there for my birthday. What a treat.

We went to Applebees for karaoke again this last Tuesday. One of the managers totally recognizes us because we have gone enough times I guess. ha ha. He tells us welcome back and he comes to our table with the extra mic to have us help out singing whoever is on stage. He did that a couple of times. Probably because we rock out and sing along with every song. ha ha. We had a blast. I finally got up on stage. Not solo... but I might as well have been solo. James and a group of his friends met up with us later. Some of the girls in that group signed up to sing Spice Girls "Wanna Be" and asked if I would sing with them. I said sure. James also wanted to sing with me and he signed us up for something... however he signed us up too late and there wasn't enough time to get to our song. Guess we will have to go back sometime. They did call up our girl group though because a bunch of people in front of us had left already and were not there to sing. So we got up and the other two girls were so quite.. so you could only hear me singing and I was rocking out. It can be a fast song to sing solo at parts and it wasn't my best singing or my choice of what I would want to sing at karaoke, but it is what it is. I sang and it was fun. What I really want to do it a fun duet. Maybe one of these days.

Work this week has been kind of busy... but it has also been pretty awesome. Let me list the reasons why. #1- Monday we celebrated my birthday with bagels and cream cheese AND a game of darts as a team (I'm really going to need to practice. #2- Tuesday we had a reunion lunch at La Jolla Groves at Riverwoods. Really nice restaurant  (picture below) and I had this yummy Tuna salad... it was like eating a sushi salad. The best part though was seeing everyone together again (almost everyone). Daniel was in town from Texas (as well as Ward) and so he arranged the lunch so he could see everyone. Shaylene had left Novell for a different company and she was there. Ryan had left to go work at Adobe and he was there. Paul and Les who got let go with the big lay off in April were there (Paul is now also working for Adobe) and then everyone else that still works at Novell all went. It was just so fun to all be together again. I miss them.

 #3- My boss called us all in for a meeting and said they found a way for us to take time off for Christmas if we want it. Last week I was just saying how bummed I was that I wouldn't get any time off... well... now I do. I get all of next week off even though it's quarter end. I was super happy about that. #4- My boss treated us to breakfast this morning (which he usually does as his Christmas gift). #5- The head of our department and Legal department bought 10 nerf guns and set up an appointment for us all to play today on the 5th floor (our old home which is now an empty floor). So for a half hour or so we were all running around the 5th floor shooting each other with nerf guns and trying to avoid the cameras so security wouldn't catch us and keeping score on a white bored in the hall. I got worked... but it was still fun. I did tell being only one of two girls in the game. The guys get so competitive. I have a feeling we might play again tomorrow. #6 I told my boss I had nothing to do at the end of the day today and he said I could go home early. I have a feeling this will be the case tomorrow as well. Not a bad work week at all. I'm still loving my window office. I love looking out the window at the Christmas lights. I just love that Novell decorates for Christmas. It is fun to look at everyday when I go in for work.


Lynette Mills said...

seriously... you are so blessed!

Lynette Mills said...

and... you have a way awesome life! ha ha

jamie hixon said...

Um, do you need some extra cash? Because I want a massage or two from you while I'm in town. How nice of your work to give you time off so that you can work on my back. Ha!
Funny post on "My Fav. Things." I don't mind hearing it in the holiday rotation... but it isn't exactly a Christmas song. I wouldn't put it in my Christmas mix on my ipod.

I never feel like I sound good when I sing karaoke. That is part of the experience. ;-)