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Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Very Frosty Birthday

Today is my birthday. I am another year older. I can't believe I am 29. I don't feel 29. I don't think I look 29. I don't feel like I act 29 either. But it is true... I'm 29. Still single. Still living the same life. The older I get the less excited I am for my birthday. I don't really want to get any older... especially still being single. I don't expect much for my birthday anymore either. People have always been out of town or taking finals or just busy with Christmas to be around or care too much about my birthday (besides my family).

All this being said... I actually had a pleasant birthday. It is Sunday... so I didn't have to work and I could just relax. We had sing a long Christmas program which was awesome since I love to sing. I got to go to my parents house for a nice dinner and cake and James came a long.. which was nice of him to amuse me on my birthday. I also got phone calls from my two out of state sisters, got sung to by my niece and nephew, also got phone calls from my best friends Lolly, Steve and Nate. This is the first year I have received Happy Birthday HeyTells which was fun ... from Jason and Ashley. Happy Birthday messages from my family on Spokt.com. 11 Happy Birthday text messages and 100 Happy Birthday facebook messages. Even though facebook tells everyone when your birthday is... I still felt loved. Along with all of the messages... I even received some gifts. My good friend Brittany dropped off a cute card and some VS lotion. James took me to lunch. Lolly sent me some bracelets. Allyson got me a super cute shirt (which I wore to church today) my sister Kristy sewed me this SUPER cute reversible apron and place matts  (my family is so talented like that). There is a gift from my dad in the works (which I am sure will get it's own post because it is that awesome). My mom got me a tuner for my guitar and Simon and Garfunkle sheet music for guitar. I heart them. Rachel let me copy Light Room (Thank you Rachel, I can't wait to try it out). Oh and my visiting teacher dropped off some goodies as well.  Way more than I was expecting. It is nice to feel loved and appreciated it.

Along all of that... it was a cold day. VERY cold! But it was also a frosty day, which doesn't happen all of the time.. and it was very pretty. Nature gave me some bling for my birthday. :) So Rachel and I took some pictures on our way out of church.

It was a good birthday. Thanks to everyone that helped make it that way. Thanks for being a part of my life... it means a lot to me. 


flux biota. said...

happy belated.

Simon and garfunkel! that's the best gift ever.

Vivian said...

ooh great apron! and you're making 29 look pretty amazing in that last picture!

Jessica Stark said...

Glad you had a good birthday! So why aren't you dating this James character?? You blog about him a lot! Seems like a great guy!

KJ said...

I totally understand your pain Tracy! I'm just six months ahead of you! Hope that makes you feel a little younger! ;) Hope you had a great birthday!

Lori said...

Wow Tracy- that is A LOT of love on your birthday! You are a lucky girl and 29 is devine :) You have done more & traveled more than any other 29 year old I know! You are doing life right!

A Little Cuppa Tea said...

Im so glad that I could be a part of your "frosty" Birthday! It was so fun to celebrate it with you! Thanks for the awesome photo shoot!

THE LIZARD'S said...

tracy..you look gorg in red!!!! love your bday party too...so festive and creative! your snow me on the cake were really just too cute! I am glad you felt the love from freinds and family on your bday... 29...you'll always be youger than me. hahah. but your still in the twenties..just think..how you'll wish you were looking and feeling like 29 when your 50 and then work it girl!

jamie hixon said...

"Nature gave me some bling for my birthday." That is fantastic. Tracy, I'm glad you had a good day. I know how you feel about birthdays. I'm 31, and I don't feel that way at all. Aging ain't for sissies. ;-)