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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 96

Last Friday we had our work Christmas party. We had lunch at Magleby's in Provo with the Legal department. The food was good, we played some fun games and we had a white elephant gift exchange. The gift that was most fought over was the movie "Valkyrie". I ended up with chips and salsa. Some funny gifts that were given out were the Twilight Book (which one of the guys ended up with) and a case of non alcoholic beer. After the lunch was over... they let us go home!! Happy Friday!

Since I had some extra time that I didn't have to be at work during work hours... I finally went into the bank and changed my PIN number. Not sure if you remember back in September when I got back from South Africa and totally forgot my PIN like an idiot. Not sure why... I have had it forever! Oh well... hopefully I don't forget this one.

Sunday we had our Stake Christmas fireside. As usual... it was really good, full of beautiful music. During the Christmas season... I LOVE listening to a lot of Christmas music and watching a lot of Christmas movies. So far... I have been doing a lot of both. There is no other month that I try and cram in so many movies into one month. There are so many great Christmas movies.

This week has been so busy at work. After work too. I wish I was looking forward to a Christmas vacation... but I don't get one this year. Sad huh? I think so. I am looking forward to my sister Jamie coming to visit though. I don't get to see her and her family often... so that is what I am looking forward to. Hopefully they will let us off of work early. Wednesday I went straight to the temple after work. It was so nice because there was no line. Everyone leaving for vacation I guess.

Last Friday my parents threw a Santa Barbara party at their house. I didn't get to stay that long... but it was fun to see familiar faces from my old ward back home. Kinda of makes things feel like more at home. I mostly hung out and talked to my friend Katie that I grew up with. I don't see her very often.... so it was good to see her and catch up.  I love Santa Barbara and the people from there.


Caytlin said...

I'm so sad we missed the party :( My baby's been sick for 2 weeks, so we had to stay home that night.

It sounds like your work white elephant exchange had better options than mine...I ended up with a box of hair dye for gray hair, and someone else ended up with a package of toilet paper!

Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Have fun with Jamie, Dan and their cute kiddos!

jamie hixon said...

Your Friday work day sounded awesome! And good ideas for a White Elephant. We have one more of those to do this year.
Cool that mom and dad hosted the SB party. Fun times!

Jessica Stark said...

Aww I miss you girls! One of these days I will make it down to Utah and we should all do to lunch or dinner or something!

Tracy said...

Jess! That would be so fun. Let's do it! :)

Lori said...

Glad that Mom & Dad hosted the party this year.... and your work is so awesome!