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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Photo of the Week 93

The Christmas lights are up at work. I love seeing all the trees lit up as I am leaving work. I am already happy to be going home, but seeing pretty lights on my way out makes things so much happier. These last few days when I have left... the Christmas lights are one, the sun is setting to the right and the moon is coming up on the left. It's awesome.


jamie hixon said...

That is so cool! It is like they are trying to replicate the fall leaf colors.

Ashley said...


Lori said...

That is so neat how you get the sun and the moon in a line there- so cool!

Lynette Mills said...

There has to be a place to send this picture so it can be seen by more people... it is awesome

Janet said...

This picture is certainly award worthy! You're the best.