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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 98

This last week has been pretty relaxing. Way more than I am used to... which is probably good for me every once in a while... but I have discovered that if I have too much down time, I tend to get lazy. I felt like with so much time off, I should have gone out of town somewhere. Oh well. I still had a lot of fun.

Friday there was hardly anyone at work because it was so close to Christmas... so I suggested that we watch a movie in the conference room on the projector. So we did. We watched Funny Farm and then we left work early... which was also nice.

Christmas Eve I spent the day cleaning... my mom and dad brought over my finished bench that my dad built for me. It is beautiful. When the cushion gets made to put on top I will take a picture and show you. My dad did an amazing job on it. It is beautiful. I did some last minute Christmas shopping and spent some time with my parents watching old Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concerts and then I went home. It was probably the weirdest Christmas Eve ever. We normally go caroling. We normally have more family around... it didn't feel like Christmas Eve at all. I went home after that and watched Muppet Christmas movies with Rachel.

Christmas Day I went to church with my parents in their ward. Went to my parents house and my dad made me an egg sandwich just like he did when I was a kid, then we waited for Kristy and her family to get there and we had a Christmas message and opened presents and then had a nice Christmas dinner that my mom made. It was really nice to also have my Grandma there for Christmas. It has been so fun to see her regularly.

My sister Jamie and her family came the next day. The whole week (since I had it off) was spent going to my parents house and playing with my nieces and nephews and hanging out with my sisters. It was fun and relaxing. I don't think I have had a week to sleep in everyday and just hang out with no major plans since last Christmas. Although I would have like to have done more with my sister in town... it was still nice just to hang out. It is hard to plan things with the kids. I wish I got to see them more.

I was on facebook the other day and I saw that my friend Jarrett that I used to work with years ago is in a new band, "The Anser". He has always been into music and he has always been very good. He auditioned for American Idol in 2009 and made it to Hollywood but that was it. This year... I just barely discovered (because I don't watch much tv) that his band auditioned to be on "The X Factor" and made it through the first round of Auditions. I think they are pretty good! You can check them out here. Look at him singing for Simon! Way to go Jarrett! I am proud of you. P.S. Notice my little high school choir friend playing in the background. ha ha... who knew I would know so many people in show biz.

My roommates and I saw both the new Mission Impossible movie and the new Sherlock Holmes movie. Both very good. I also started the LOST series. I know... I am a little late, but I didn't want to watch them until they were all out and until I found someone that had all of the Seasons because I knew I would get addicted because it is the same guy that wrote Alias... and I loved Alias a lot. So... turns out my neighbor and friend, Jason, not only has all of the seasons but he has them all on Blue Ray... so he is excited to watch them all again with someone that has never seen them before. We just started this week and we are already almost done with the first season. It is good. Yes, I am already addicted. I have a feeling that this is going to be my life for a while. I guess a good time to do it? During the dressing Winter where there is not a lot to do? Plus we are all going to be dieting and wanting to take our minds off of food. So it is a good thing I guess.

Speaking of food. Now that it is Winter (even though it has been a rather warm winter so far) do you know what we do with our food if it doesn't fit in our fridge? We keep it out on the porch. It shouldn't be that funny to me.. I mean it makes sense, but for some reason... every time I see our stuff stored out there, it makes me laugh. Just doesn't seem quite right to me.

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jamie hixon said...

Ha!! So funny. I would laugh if I saw food stored on your porch! And if I'm ever homeless and hungry, I know which house to visit.
It was great to visit with you. It was fun to get pedicures and go to Zupas with you and Grandma, fabulous idea. I really enjoyed just playing games and talking with you too.
When you get to the last season of LOST, remind me that I need to send you to a companion blog of someone who never saw LOST until the last season. It is hilarious.